5 Icebreaker Activities for Students


It wouldn’t be Back-to-School without some fun icebreaker activities! But with a twist, of course.

Whether you teach elementary, middle school or high school, your learners will love these icebreaker games in Kami.

With tools like Video and Voice Comments, Add Media and Feature Control, Kami makes icebreakers more collaborative, interactive and personalized.

Classroom icebreakers are a fun way to encourage team building at the start of the school year. They’re also a great way to get everyone interacting and learning about each other on the very first day of class. Why not try out two truths and a lie, this or that, or would you rather? Jump into the Kami Library to get your free templates like bingo cards or a scavenger hunt.

These five, fun icebreakers will make the first day of school easy peasy.