5 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers


As you know (all too well), teaching is a busy profession. Whether it’s the start of the school year, or the end, no one would say no to a bit of extra time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you.

In this video you’ll learn five easy Kami hacks that’ll save you time.

  • Sort your classroom management at the beginning of the year with Kami Library templates
  • Streamline the amount of time you spend assessing student work at the end of the day by creating a Kami class book
  • Start a Kami whiteboard and get students brainstorming in seconds (without any planning time needed!)
  • Use voice-typing to get your thoughts on paper, quickly
  • Save a ton of time grading papers and feeding back with the annotation bank

We get it, time management isn’t easy when you have 101 things to do (after a full day of school!). But by saving yourself some valuable time you’ll be one step closer to avoiding burnout (and you’ll spend less time doing the boring admin. It’s a win win).