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Get your students excited, inspired, and engaged with these digital classroom resources!  

Hands up if you’re looking to bring more Kami into your classroom. Well, you’re in the right place! 

Below you’ll find some of our favorite activities for you to take into the classroom with Kami. We hope this gives you a headstart and frees you up for more of the fun stuff – like having a play and customizing these resources.

Download yours below, or visit the Kami Library for all these teaching templates and more!

Back-to-school fun

Here are a couple of resources that’ll not only help break the Back-to-school ice but also make sure you’re in the know when it comes to your students’ social and emotional wellbeing. 

Two Facts and a Fib

This collaborative activity is perfect for building relationships with your students at the beginning of a new school year – or just as a fun game! To get started, create a page template for each student and have them fill out the columns with facts about themselves. Tell the students to include one fib they want to disguise as a fact. When the students finish their pages, have them comb through the rest of the document and add a sticker next to any fact that they think is a fib. Finally, let each student share which of their facts are actually fibs.

Good, Bad, Okay

Checking in with your students is key to building a positive and safe learning space. Having a regular and fun check-in process helps students recognize the importance of sharing their emotions. You can use this simple, collaborative chart to take a brain break and check up on the emotional wellness of the room by getting your class to place their name in the column that best represents their feelings at the time.

Before or during each lesson

These activities can be used before you begin your lessons to get any prior knowledge warmed up and bubbling in your student’s brains. Or, use these during each lesson to make sure students are locking in what they’ve just learned.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Want to quickly gauge the feelings, thoughts, or opinions in the room? This simple voting chart can help with that.

Fists of Five

This activity lets you figure out each student’s understanding of your lesson. Name a topic and let students place their avatar or token on the scale from one to five.

Graffiti Wall

These exercises are designed to give your students their own space to visually express knowledge, and you a chance to check in on their understanding. 

Jot Spot

Quickly gather class feedback with a collaborative Jot Spot page!

Stop and Sketch

At any point during your lesson, you can ask students to jump onto your document and into their square to sketch something they’ve just learned using Kami drawing tools.

After each lesson

Here are a couple of exercises you can do during a lesson to actively apply your learnings, or after the lesson as a formative check for classwide or individual understanding.

Three Things Chart

The 3 Things chart is a useful way to have students summarize learnings into the three most important things. This activity can be assigned as an individual or group activity or as a whole-class collaborative page.

Four Corners

Use this activity to pose questions or prompts to gain immediate student insights. You can ask the question out loud or use the Text tool to type it on the page and apply an answer to each corner, i.e. A: I agree, B: I disagree, C: I’m indifferent, D: Not sure yet. Then, share editable access to the activity via your LMS or the Kami share options. To answer, each student writes their name on the page, and when you ask your question, the students move their names to the corner that best represents their response!

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