These digital classroom resources will excite, inspire, and engage your students!

Hands up if you’re looking to bring more Kami into your classroom. Well, you’re in the right place! 

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite activities for you to take into the classroom with Kami. We hope this gives you a headstart and frees you up for more fun stuff — like having a play and customizing these resources.

Download yours below, or visit the Kami Library for all these teaching templates and more!

Back-to-school activities

Here are a few resources to break the ice and ensure your students make a great start to the year.

Meet the Teacher

Help your students get to know you a little better with this fun and editable template.

Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt

Get the ball rolling with a little friendly competition. This task is an excellent opportunity for collaboration in pairs or small groups.

“I wish my teacher knew…”

Get to know your students better by allowing them to share a little about their lives.

Before or during each lesson

You can share these activities with your students before your lessons to help them prepare for learning. You can also share them during lessons for students to reflect on their learning.

Morning Meets

Start your students’ mornings right with Morning Meets! A template designed to energize and engage students.

Graffiti Wall

We designed these exercises to give your students their own space to visually express knowledge and give you a chance to check in on their understanding.

Two Truths and a Fib

Want to play a game with students to get to know them better? Assign a template to each student to fill in, and then get the rest of the class to guess who each response belongs to.

Brain breaks

Build Your Own Monster

Unleash their creativity and let their imagination run wild as they design their own unique creature.

Class Bingo

Help your students learn about their classmates and make a few new friends.

Decorate the Classroom

Have you ever wondered what would your classroom would look like if you let your students design it? Give them a chance to show you!

Decorate the Backpack

Here’s another fun and creative task for your students. Quick brain break? It’s in the bag!

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