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This activity focuses on how to use the Dictionary Tool and explores the different features of the Read Aloud Tool. 

Activity Description

Start by having some pre-selected text or article content to use for the tasks in this activity. There are four tasks that directly prompt students to click on specific buttons and observe what happens next! Students are then asked to record their findings for each task, most likely in the form of a text box. 

Task One and Two:

Through these tasks, students learn and practice how to use the Dictionary Tool to find definitions of text on the screen. 

You can choose to demonstrate this to students to point out the ways the definitions are displayed. For example, you can take students through Task One, then let them complete Task Two independently.

Task Three and Four:

An open-ended way for students to explore the buttons that are part of the text to speech tool.

Students might have to click on the buttons multiple times to understand what each button does.

A great way to implement Task Three and Four is to chunk it. Students can work with a partner and the teacher can give student pairs one button to explore.

 After five to ten minutes, students can share what they learned. 

The teacher can facilitate this sharing and use it to summarize the function of each button.

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