As we countdown to the end of the school year, it’s an awesome idea to include a few more brain breaks and fun activities into your lesson plan. If you’re wondering how, look no further! We have some editable end-of-the-year activities and resources for all grade levels ready and waiting for you.

End of Year Reflection 

Before looking into the next year, why not reflect on the one that’s been with this End of Year Reflection activity! A perfect writing activity (with writing prompts) for the last day of school; start by having a brainstorm with your class about your favorite memories, including the things you all loved, learned, achieved, or even what you would’ve done differently. Then, assign these templates to your students for them to complete in their own time.

Summer Bucket List

It’s easy to rush into talking about the next school year, but why skip the exciting stuff! Get your students thinking up some fun ideas for their summer holidays with this Summer Bucket List template. Great for the last week of school, students can get excited for their break by imagining their dream vacation, what they’re looking forward to, any summer goals, and more! Maybe they can’t wait to spend every day like it’s a field trip, or eat ice cream for breakfast every morning – the possibilities are endless! If they want, students can then read aloud and share their bucket list ideas for the others to get some holiday inspo.

Class Award templates

A favorite end to the past school year: the classic year awards – use these editable and colorful templates, suitable for all grade levels! Class awards, whether you make them silly or serious, are a fabulous way to reflect on student achievements or contributions. (Plus, they’re a great classroom management tool if you make them part of a regular routine.) This range of templates has been crafted to suit any style, and each award is a great little keepsake for learners as they head into the next grade.

These template freebies are perfect for including in a larger memory book or to stick up on your bulletin board as a reminder for next year’s class. All are printable worksheets or easily editable directly in Kami. Simply head to the Kami Library and choose Open with Kami! So why not use these templates as a fun way to have an even more fun end-of-school-year before you rush off to enjoy your well-deserved summer break.