Teachers of the UK & Europe: Kami Is Completely Free for the Rest of Your School Year

Get Kami for free in the UK & Europe

What is Kami?

Enhance resources and PDFs to make your curriculum more engaging. 


Bring the paper and digital resources you’re already using to life with 40+ annotation tools. Text Recognition turns your scanned PDFs into fully interactive documents.


Kami integrates with Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, and Microsoft Teams to assign, assess, and feedback.


Kami aligns with WCAG 2.1 requirements and is packed with accessibility features, including Read Aloud, Voice Typing, Captions, and Dark Mode.

2,000,000 classrooms in 180 countries use Kami. We want to continue sharing the love by offering every teacher and student in the UK and Europe Kami for free for the rest of the school year!

10 reasons to try Kami 

  1. It’s completely free for the rest of the school year!
  2. Our Chrome extension has 20M+ downloads and 6,000+ 5 star reviews.
  3. Schools saved £911M in printing costs last year.
  4. Kami seamlessly integrates with the LMS you’re already using.
  5. Kami training is completely free and can be personalized to your needs.
  6. We’re trusted by 40 million teachers and students around the world.
  7. Our users saved 1M trees (980 miles of stacked paper!) last year.
  8. Helps teachers save an average of 3 hours a week*
  9. Improves student engagement on average 37%*
  10. Improves student outcomes on average 36%*

Free Kami trial

The Kami Library

The Kami Library is the one-stop shop for free teaching templates that can be downloaded, edited, and shared. It’s an easy way to add a sprinkle of magic to your lessons, whether it be for a quick starter activity, or a major project. 

The Kami Library has templates for all years and subjects, as well as for significant cultural events such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Ramadan, Diwali, Christmas, Lunar New Year, and more!

Our top 10 Kami Library templates 
  1. Online safety worksheets
  2. Mood Tracker for emotional wellbeing
  3. Career Plan worksheet
  4. Digital Notebook
  5. Find Someone Who Bingo Card
  6. Gratitude Journal
  7. Frayer Model
  8. Venn Diagram
  9. Bubble Map
  10. Main Idea & Supporting Details

Check out the Kami Library

To celebrate our UK-exclusive offer of Kami for free for the rest of the school year, we’ve collated some of our Kami Library resources that are specific to teachers and students in the UK and Europe.

Have a look

Kami Blogs

Our Kami Blog page has over 200 educational blogs packed with classroom tips and insights, as well as stories from experienced educators and leaders. With so many to choose from, we thought we’d give you a breakdown of our top 10 blogs.

Our top 10 Kami Blogs
  1. Ways to Introduce Yourself Creatively on the First Day
  2. The Importance of Teaching Black History
  3. 8 Editable Meet the Teacher Templates
  4. Digital Citizenship for Kids
  5. What is Character Education and Why is it Important?
  6. Free End of Year Activities
  7. Diwali | The Festival of Lights
  8. Supporting Autism in The Classroom
  9. Safer Internet Day 
  10. Kami: A STEM-tastic Tool

So, how do I try Kami for free?

Hopefully, this short introduction to Kami has piqued your interest and got you wanting to learn more. For a comprehensive breakdown of everything that Kami offers you and your students, head to our website.

If you’d like to try Kami for free, all you have to do is click the link below and begin making Kami magic!

Free Kami trial

*Statistics are taken from the Kami world wide user survey 2021. The sample size was 5419 participants with a 2% margin of error

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