Introducing your 2021/22 Kami Heroes

Introducing your 2021-2022 Kami Heroes

At Kami, we are constantly inspired by the dedication of all the educators we meet and serve every day. The energy that we see from these educators inspired us to create Kami Heroes, an ambassador program to empower thought-leaders, educators and the biggest champions of Kami.

Applications for this program are held annually from November through to December. Every year we receive hundreds of applications from every corner of the world. We value diversity here at Kami so we’re honored to have Kami ambassadors who represent such a variety of backgrounds come and support our mission.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have well over 100 Kami Heroes for the 2021/22 term. This wonderful group marks our fourth class of Kami Heroes since launching the program with some being Heroes since 2018! We are so excited to work with this class of passionate individuals who are eager to put on their purple capes and support their wider communities as an official Kami Hero. So without further ado…


Congratulations to 2021/22 Kami Heroes


A big thank you to all applicants

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2021/22 class! From the Americas to South Asia and everywhere in between, we had the opportunity to hear your stories and understand your “why”.

We were overwhelmed with applications for the 2021/22 class of Kami Heroes and wish we could accept you all. If you were unsuccessful this time, know that we reviewed each and every one of your applications and are incredibly grateful for the time you’ve put into your application.

We encourage you all to stay connected with Kami throughout the year and keep an eye out for applications opening in June 2022.



About the Kami Heroes program

Kami Heroes are passionate educators who believe in Kami and our mission. As ambassadors, they help our community members become more successful in teaching with Kami tools, no matter what the environment. Learn more and find out what it means to be a Kami Hero here.


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