Keep reading for all things Kami Connect July, including speaker blogs and resources.

Wow – what an event! Kami Connect July was packed with even more valuable Kami content, tips, tricks, and back-to-school advice than ever before. The energy was high right the way through thanks to our effervescent host, Marcus Stein; he brought the Kami spirit in buckets; kept us up to date on the happenings; and helped connect us all from living rooms around the world. 

Thanks again to our sponsors who brought the goods–literally– with wicked prizes for our lucky Kami Connect guests (if you scored some for yourself or captured any of the event action, make sure to show us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram).  

But what really made this event special, was the absolute excellence, quality, and dedication of our speakers. We’ve learned so much in only a few hours – our brains were 🤯  ! So we bet yours were too. 

If you missed out on all the excitement, never fear! We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. All sessions were recorded, summaries have been curated, and resources are ready to go. 

Check out what the day had on offer:

Speaker Sessions


Teachers, Let’s Change the World | Jere Change 

Jere Chang delivers an empowering speech encouraging teachers and helping them learn how they can change the world with digital platforms like Kami by their side.


Coffee, Climate & Culture | Gerry Brooks

Gerry Brooks takes us through an object lesson between his favorite coffee cups, and how they relate to important subjects like slowing down, opening doors, and building relationships. To keep up-to-date on everything Gerry, sign up for his newsletter



Let’s Build Your Best Kami Classroom | Oliver Tingling

Oliver Tingling helps solve traditional classroom challenges with game-changing ways to use Kami tools and create a positive and engaging environment for your learners both near and far. 


Empowering Student Voice & Choice with Kami | Ben Sondgeroth

Ben Sondgeroth dials in on the importance of student voice and choice, and how integrating Kami into your classroom can offer students endless opportunities in and out of the classroom. 


Kami, a STEM-tastic Tool! | Lilly Jensby

Lilly Jensby shows us how Kami can transform STEM-focused lessons into engaging and interactive learning experiences that deepen learning and develop critical thinking.


Go Beyond Your Blended Classroom with Kami | Steve Martinez

Steve Martinez shares his Kami-enhanced digital notebooks and how LMS integration and gamification helps him keep students focused and motivated in a blended classroom. 


10 Ways to Kami-fy Your Professional Development | Laurie Guyon

Laurie Guyon brings the inspiration, with tips and tricks on how to enhance your PD sessions and keep participants excited and engaged with Kami. 


Kami Product Updates 2020/21 | Hengjie Wang

Hengjie Wang, Kami CEO and Co-founder, reviews Kami’s progress since the last Kami Connect, with product updates, new feature announcements, and more. 




Find speaker resources, links, and additional info at the bottom of each speaker’s blog.