We are so excited to announce that Kami Connect, the world’s largest virtual conference for educators, is back! Join us on July 24 for an unforgettable event.

Kami Connect July brings you amazing professional development sessions, exciting giveaways, and a preview of Kami updates just in time for back-to-school. 

Get to know our incredible lineup of speakers and sessions below!

Featured Speakers

Jere Chang (@mschanggifted)

Jere Chang is a gifted education teacher with over 25 years of educational experience spanning kindergarten to college. She has spoken all over the United States with topics ranging from using humour in the classroom to incorporating Project Based Learning and STEAM in the gifted classroom. Recently, she’s taken TikTok by storm amassing a following of 280,000 passionate educators.

Gerry Brooks (@gerrybrooksprin)

As famous as he is hilarious, Gerry Brooks has been an elementary principal for 15 years. Originally using humorous videos to encourage his staff, Gerry has become a national encourager for teachers. He is a voice for teachers, but his passion is leading others to be responsible for their climate and culture in the workplace. 

Oliver Tingling (@SharksOnlineSchool)

A math genius and Kami Hero, Oliver has taught transitional math, algebra, and college statistics to middle and high school students.  He is also the Founder of a tutoring business where he shares how Kami is a game-changer. 

Ben Sondgeroth (@Mr_Sondgeroth)

Ben began his career as a history teacher where he initiated and coordinated the district’s iPad and Chromebook integration. He now works for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois, focusing on helping districts leverage educational technology effectively. Ben has been a Kami Hero since 2017.

Lilly Jensby (@LillyJensby)

Lilly Jensby is a district Digital Learning Specialist and a Kami Hero based in Plano, Texas. She Co-Founded Gadget Girls, an engineering initiative raising interest in STEM disciplines for girls in Grades 3-5. She has presented at conferences such as ISTE, CAST, and TCEA, and is a proud alum of NASA’s LiftOff Summer Institute and the Pitsco TAG team.

Steve Martinez (@Martinez_EdTech)

Steve might be a new Kami Hero, but he has no shortage of incredible Kami tips and tricks to share. As an expert in flipped classroom learning, Steve is focused on exploring ways to maximize student engagement by introducing unique teaching methods.

Laurie Guyon (@smilelearning)

Laurie Guyon is the Coordinator for Model Schools at BOCES in New York and a trainer with NYSCATE. She was named one of the  NextGen: Emerging EdTech Leaders for 2020.  Laurie is also on the leadership teams for ISTETEN, ISTESTEM, and ISTEDSN. She is passionate about helping others integrate technology into literacy. Laurie joined the Kami Heroes ambassador program in 2020. 

Hengjie Wang (@hengjiew)

Hengjie Wang is the CEO and one of the four Co-Founders of Kami, transforming teaching and learning for millions around the world.

Inspired by a need to reinvent the pen and paper note-taking method, Hengjie’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2012 when he signed up Kami, formerly known as Notable PDF, for The University of Auckland’s entrepreneurial competition together with Jordan Thoms and Alliv Samson. In the program, they met their mentor, now Kami Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer, Bob Drummond. Fast forward to now, Hengjie is responsible for the day-to-day company’s growth.

Featured Sessions

Let’s Build Your Best Kami Classroom

Discover how a Kami classroom increases student engagement and collaboration effortlessly. We will explore how Kami can solve traditional classroom challenges and nurture collaboration for this “new” old type of learning environment.  Learn how to use Kami to build a positive and compassionate learning environment while transitioning to in-person learning.

Empower Student Voice & Choice with Kami

Kami provides incredible opportunities for our students to engage with our class content in ways they may have never been able to before! In a traditional classroom setting, students are often only given one way to respond to content from their teacher. With Kami, we can empower students to demonstrate their understanding in ways that best fit their learning styles.  Join us as we explore the many amazing features of Kami that give students voice and choice in their learning!

Kami, a STEM-tastic Tool!

STEM challenges have gone digital! Learn how to transform STEM-focused lessons into engaging and interactive learning experiences.  With Kami tools, discover how to deepen the learning and develop critical thinking skills across disciplines, all in a collaborative environment.  See examples of how Kami makes STEM activities come to life.  

Go Beyond Your Blended Classroom with Kami

Explore how to use Kami to support blended learning by implementing unique teaching methods such as digital notebooks and gamification. This session will focus on student choice & autonomy by fostering an environment that empowers students regardless of time and place. Learn how to use gamification to rethink the grading practice by allowing students to track their academic progress. 

10 Ways to Kami-fy Your Professional Development

Discover ways to increase student engagement using Kami. In this session, the participants will explore how to set up collaborative activities in Kami, including games, exploration, and assessments. These activities increase student engagement and deepen the learning outcomes. Learn the best practices and strategies you need for back to school.