12 Custom Envelope Templates

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It’s an important life skill to learn how to write a letter. If you’re running a letter-writing tutorial for your students, we’ve created custom envelope designs (which you can find in the Kami Library) to help them make an awesome first impression.

All our envelope templates are free and printable and can be customized in Kami, or you can use the PDF template to print the DIY envelopes.

You’ll find all the popular envelope sizes, including an A2 envelope, which is the standard envelope size for most cards. When helping your students personalize their own envelope designs, make sure to include the mailing address, return address, and of course the recipient’s address.

Check out all our custom envelope templates below

Envelope template / mixed

Our mixed envelope template stands out with a pop of color and a cool design on the edge.

Envelope template / blue blank

A classic airmail-inspired design here would be great for writing notes to family members across the world.

Envelope template / blue & yellow

Kami’s blue and yellow design will suit all your students’ needs. Please note the allocates spaces for the recipient’s address and the return address.

Envelope template/ green

Use this funky geometric design for those who want a modern look.

Envelope template / yellow blank

Our floral-inspired design is a great choice for those with some artistic flair.

Envelope template/ rainbows blank

Send someone all the happiness of the rainbow with our fun rainbow design. An excellent design for greeting cards.

Envelope template / red & blue

We revisit our classic airmail design here, but this time with the allocated space for the mailing address and the return address for more formality if you’re in need of a business envelope.

Envelope template / blue & yellow blank

As above, our blue and yellow envelope design is great for those after a modern look. This envelope template does not have the allocated space for mailing addresses.

Envelope template / brown

This envelope design combines the classic frame but also the vintage look with the brown color.

Envelope template / yellow

Again our yellow design is for those with a more artistic appreciation, perhaps someone who is interested in paper crafts. This design does not contain space for mailing addresses.

Envelope template / green blank

This geometric design here has all the space for creativity as it is blank and free from mailing address space.

Envelope template / Easter bunny

If you’re looking for spring break activities, why not write thank you letters using this fun Easter bunny envelope design? You will have to add the Easter bunny’s mailing address here! These are an excellent idea for anyone that needs to send a thank you gift card for any presents received over Easter.

Happy writing

Feel free to let the students choose their favorite envelope design for whatever project you’re working on. As with all Kami supplies these free envelope templates give the students the opportunity to design custom envelopes from our free printable envelope designs.

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