Get to know your new go-to: The Kami Library

Blog_Get to know your new go to - Kami Library

Free downloadable, editable, and sharable teaching templates for all!

It’s finally here; your new go-to for bringing your lessons to life – it’s the Kami Library!

The Kami Library is the only place to find an exciting range of ready-made, editable teaching templates to download and share for free!

“Easy grab and go for any teacher! A real-time saver.” – Steve Martinez, California

Reinventing the wheel is over; with the Kami Library, you’ll no longer spend a heap of your precious time creating activities and resources from scratch while your coffee sits on your desk getting cold.

We guarantee you’ll absolutely love the templates we’ve curated specially for you busy teachers looking to engage, excite, and inspire their students. Need a fun way to introduce yourself to the class? How about a way to track your seating plans, or collaborate on a classroom contract? Find it all at the Kami Library!

Check out the Kami Library

Find all these exciting teaching templates,
and hundreds more, over at the Kami Library!

There are over a hundred (and counting) templates ready and waiting for you. We want everybody to have equal access, so there’s no need to have a Kami account but, of course, we would totally recommend it! We’ve made things super easy by including a handy “Open with Kami” button – meaning you can instantly jump into the template and use all Kami’s tools to boost the accessibility and interactivity of your activity in minutes.

Open with Kami to:

✔ Add text, image, and videos

✔ Leave interactive annotations

✔ Collaborate in real-time

✔ Assign to your students

✔ Edit in offline mode, and more!

“[The Kami Library is] a great place to help you and your students get familiar with Kami tools!” – Cammie Kanekkens, Canada

Image of child interacting with template in Kami

Owen (age seven) enjoying our Snakes and Ladders template in Kami


Take a quick tour:

Getting started

With its simple and intuitive set-up, the Kami Library is a breeze to navigate! Not only have we pulled out all the new and popular templates for you, but if you’re after something specific, it’s super easy to find with our comprehensive filters! You can sort templates by subject, type, grade, or keyword. Not sure if the template you’ve found is what you’re after? Just click on the image for a quick view, description, and related templates.

Library Homepage GIF


Share with Kami or your LMS

There’s nothing out of the ordinary here; download and edit your template how you like, then send it out to students or collab with other teachers using a shareable link, or your usual assignment routine with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas – it really is that easy.

Library Sharing GIF

Request a template

Our collection is growing by the day, but we’d absolutely love to know if you think there’s a template that would be right at home on our library shelves. So, if you have any ideas, big or small (or just any general feedback and thoughts) we’d love to hear them!

Get in touch by filling out this form and have your say.


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