Learning the Kami Basics

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Here are some quick and easy resources to get your students familiar with some of our favorite Kami tools and features!

We’re always looking for ways to make learning fun and engaging – learning the Kami tools is no exception! 

With help from our awesome Kami Hero, Sarah Coats, we’ve whipped up some simple instructional resources to get your students clued up on all things Kami.

Download yours below, or visit the Kami Library for all these teaching templates and more!

Text and Markup Tool

Learn to change font color and size from the Toolbar, and further explore text formatting features. Plus, using the Markup Tool and how it can be used with all text types.

Text and Markup preview

Text and Markup preview 2

Text and Markup preview 3


Comment and Drawing Tool

Explore colors, transparency, and thickness with the Drawing Tool, as well as text, voice, and video comments. Here students can also create a screen capture comment demonstrating how they use the Drawing Tool.

Drawing Tool Preview 1

Drawing Tool Preview 2

Comment Tool Preview 1


Dictionary & Read Aloud Tool

Students will learn how to use the dictionary tool. Students will explore the different features of the Read Aloud tool.

Dictionary and Read Aloud Tool Preview 1


Add Media

Find out how to add media from your device, Google Drive, image search, and YouTube, and have a play around with Kami stickers!

Add media preview


Shapes and Equation Tool

Have fun creating rectangles, ellipses, circles, and lines with your students!

Shapes tool preview 1

Equation tool preview 1


Scavenger Hunt

Once your class has started getting the hang of things, why not have a play with our Scavenger Hunt activity that incorporates a range of the tools they’ve just learned! There’s a version for elementary and secondary students, specially crafted to help your students get Kami-confident faster!

Kami in the Classroom

These resources are just one of the many ways Kami can integrate with and enhance your physical classroom. Read and watch more about how you can bring some Kami magic to your everyday classroom, here.

Plus, don’t miss out on your own interactive Kami Seating Charts! Download yours here, and read up on their importance.

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