Kami: A STEM-tastic Tool!

Blog_Kami a STEMtastic Tool

Kami Connect Speaker Sessions | Lilly Jensby I’m a firm believer in encouraging students to develop a sustained interest in STEM fields from an early age. So we’re going to take a look into how Kami can enhance the learning experience for students, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math! Our goal […]

Access, Engage, and Express with Kami!

Blog_Access Engage and Express with Kami

What a year it has been! School buildings shut down amid a global pandemic, which forced educators to quickly pivot to flexible learning environments, curriculum, materials, and assessments. Online learning became a reality for schools across the globe. The inequities of providing meaningful access to the internet, to technology, to curriculum shone a necessary light […]

Let Kami Transform Your Assessments

Blog_Let Kami Transform your Assessments

In nearly every school in the world, teachers look for ways to assess what students have learned throughout their class. These assessments often take the form of multiple-choice questions or true/false questions. While those traditional question types give teachers some insight into what students have learned, they often do not tell the whole story.  A […]

The product updates announced at Kami Connect for 2021

Blog_Product Updates Kami Connect 2021

Last Friday saw the team at Kami host our free virtual conference for educators, Kami Connect. It’d be hard to pick a single highlight from a day packed so full of memorable moments, but a strong contender would have to be the preview of some exciting new features coming to Kami this first half of […]

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