Kami for Student Engagement


Engaging students is key to top-notch education in our fast-paced world. In a nutshell, student engagement is measured by how interested and involved students are in their learning and academic activities. When students are engaged they’re excited about learning, asking questions, acing assignments, and taking charge of their own learning. But wait, there’s more! Engaged […]

March Madness

321, jump ball! Are you ready to tip off into March Madness? March Madness is a big part of the American sporting calendar and a chance for people from all over the United States to get behind their team in one of the country’s premier basketball competitions. You’ll probably be hard-pushed to find many people […]

Should Politics Be Discussed in Schools?

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In the current political climate, it can feel difficult to discuss political issues or your point of view in a professional setting. However, schools lay the seeds of learning critical thinking, and political issues and political views can provide a starting point to discuss issues in depth in a safe space. Ultimately, what students need […]

Understanding the Political Spectrum

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What are the political ideologies? Political ideologies are derived from political philosophies which explore and debate how we should live together in a society. In the United States, the political philosophy is democracy. From there, our government is formed from political parties. Political parties vary in their political beliefs. These political beliefs span the political […]

Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

St Patricks Day for Kids_Blog

Who is St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland? Patrick was born in 385 A.D. when Ireland was still a pagan territory. He was actually born in Britain, not Ireland. But, when he was 16, Patrick was taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped six years later and became a priest. He eventually returned […]

Celebrating Read Across America All Year-round

“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.” Matilda by Roald Dahl. Have you ever read a book and been so enthralled that you have to keep turning page after page to see what happens? Then you’ll know there’s something magical about reading. Instilling that magic […]

Reading for First Graders

First grade is where magic with reading happens. Students move from pre-k where they are just beginning to understand sounds to a place where they can read short words easily and even start to read whole chapter books for themselves. Reading milestones for 1st graders During first grade, students hit plenty of milestones in their […]

The Best Learning-to-Read Books for Young Children

A love of reading gives children a more diverse view of the world, especially as they grow into young adults. It fuels their imagination and provides a foundation for academic success. This is why America has a day devoted to spreading a love of reading! Read all about it here. But no one is born […]

How Can Health Influence Learning?

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Everyone knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But can an apple a day lead to better grades too?  Well, it might not be quite that simple, but good health and educational achievement are linked. According to data from the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, school students who had higher test scores […]

The Importance of Emotional Check-ins for Elementary Students

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Hey, how are you?  It’s a simple question, but it can lead to some great conversations and sometimes the discovery that someone isn’t feeling so flash and maybe needs some help. So do you ask that question in your class each day? Health – both physical and mental – has a huge impact on a […]

Anti Bullying Activities

Anti bullying activities

Why teach elementary school children about bullying? The best way to combat bullying is to educate, engage, and inspire children about the topic of bullying and bullying prevention. Have a read of our other blog on Anti Bullying Lesson Plans. Children should be able to: What can we do to stop bullying? Firstly it is […]

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Origin Originally established as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project in 2004, Safer Internet Day (SID) was taken up by the Insafe network as one of its earliest actions in 2005. Insafe is a European network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs). Every national Centre is focused on online safety, media literacy, and cyber security. […]