English Worksheets for Year 1

Year 1 English Worksheet

Where to start? When introducing reading and writing to primary school students it’s best to follow the national curriculum’s guidelines so that your students can: *There are 26 letters in the English alphabet which make 44 different sounds called phonemes. We believe the best way to improve a student’s reading comprehension is to make the […]

Nonverbal Reasoning

Blog_Non Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning vs nonverbal reasoning, what’s the difference? If you read the title of this blog and applied a bit of verbal reasoning, you may have deduced what nonverbal reasoning (NVR) is. If you guessed something along the lines of “nonverbal reasoning is the ability to understand and analyze visual information without relying on written […]

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

As educators, we become familiar with dozens, if not hundreds, of different methods for teaching and testing our students. Even within the same subject, there are so many different kinds of aptitude tests that it can be hard to keep up sometimes! But, some testing styles survive longer than others. Verbal reasoning tests have been […]

Adaptive Teaching: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Blog_Adaptive Teaching

Anyone who has been in the education industry for more than a week will understand teaching is always evolving. As the world changes, so do young people, and the teachers’ standards and lesson plans need to change with them. Each year, more research and studies show different approaches and how each student is a unique […]

Sustainability for Kids

Blog_Sustainability for Kids

Small changes, even by the smallest people, can make a difference. It’s important that you’re teaching children sustainable practices and sustainable living from a young age. This will ensure future generations live in an eco-friendly way and are passionate about protecting the natural world. You never know, you could be teaching the next Greta Thunberg! […]

Funny Comic Strip Ideas

Blog_Funny Comic Strip Ideas

So, you’ve read our blog on creativity in the classroom. You may have also figured out that your class has more than a few budding cartoonists and writers amongst its ranks. One of the best ways to encourage creativity among students (and adults) is to give them projects that match their interests. Comic books are […]

Student Engagement Strategies

Blog_Student Engagement Strategies

Do you ever see a glazed look in your students’ eyes? Heads in hands or slumped over desks? It’s easy to spot when learners aren’t fully engaged, and keeping students’ attention through a whole class can be tricky. Everyone has a different attention span. Understanding attention spans is an integral part of classroom management. It’s […]

Kami for Student Engagement


Discover our collection of student engagement activities, designed to make your classroom experience engaging and enjoyable! School Scavenger Hunt Activity | Green S.M.A.R.T Goals Purple Goals Setting Template | Notes See these and more in the Kami Library. Engaging students is key to top-notch education in our fast-paced world. In a nutshell, student engagement is […]

March Madness

321, jump ball! Are you ready to tip off into March Madness? March Madness is a big part of the American sporting calendar and a chance for people from all over the United States to get behind their team in one of the country’s premier basketball competitions. You’ll probably be hard-pushed to find many people […]

Should Politics Be Discussed in Schools?

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In the current political climate, it can feel difficult to discuss political issues or your point of view in a professional setting. However, schools lay the seeds of learning critical thinking, and political issues and political views can provide a starting point to discuss issues in depth in a safe space. Ultimately, what students need […]

Understanding the Political Spectrum

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What are the political ideologies? Political ideologies are derived from political philosophies which explore and debate how we should live together in a society. In the United States, the political philosophy is democracy. From there, our government is formed from political parties. Political parties vary in their political beliefs. These political beliefs span the political […]

Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

St Patricks Day for Kids_Blog

Who is St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland? Patrick was born in 385 A.D. when Ireland was still a pagan territory. He was actually born in Britain, not Ireland. But, when he was 16, Patrick was taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped six years later and became a priest. He eventually returned […]