Forward Focus: The Future is Now

Our vision for the future The Kami office is buzzing now that we can finally share our exciting updates! As your trusted partner in education, we’re always looking for ways to enhance your teaching experience and improve student outcomes. On May 2, our CEO, Hengjie Wang, shared our vision for the future and revealed three […]

5 Unexpected Lessons From the Classroom

By Marcus Stein Reflecting on my years as an English teacher, I’m struck by the unexpected lessons that teaching has gifted me. It wasn’t just about imparting knowledge of Shakespeare and grammar rules; teaching was a journey that transformed me in ways I could have never anticipated. Here are five of those unexpected lessons. Parent […]

The Power of Project-based Learning

Learning the Kami Basics: The Power of Project-based Learning

Kami Connect Speaker Sessions | Steve Martinez I know that Project-based Learning (PBL) might not be new to all, but for some, it’s a relatively new concept that can seem pretty foreign. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be – that’s why my two main goals for this piece include explaining how I got started with […]

Level-up Your Digital Whiteboard

Level-up Your Digital Whiteboard

Kami Connect Speaker Sessions | Oliver Tingling Today is all about learning the many tools of Kami and how they can be used to help change the way you whiteboard in the classroom! For a little context, I’ve been trying to find unique ways to empower my students through learning, and having these whiteboards has […]