Digital Classroom Resources

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These digital classroom resources will excite, inspire, and engage your students! Hands up if you’re looking to bring more Kami into your classroom. Well, you’re in the right place!  Below, you’ll find some of our favorite activities for you to take into the classroom with Kami. We hope this gives you a headstart and frees […]

Kami in the Classroom

Kami in the classroom

Millions of teachers worldwide are heading back into the classroom with Kami – are you? When remote learning became the norm, Kami swooped into the lives of teachers around the globe, answering the call for a reliable and engaging platform to keep students learning over lockdown.  But with the return to traditional classrooms comes the […]

What is Kami?

What is Kami?

Bring learning to life with a little Kami magic. Kami is built for teachers by teachers. We’ve come this far thanks to the insightful comments, honest feedback, and endless support from our Kami community.   “If you aren’t using Kami with your students right now you need to get it ASAP. Kami has been completely […]

Whiteboard wizardry with Kami

Whiteboard wizardry

No matter how much our classrooms become inundated with technology, there will always be teachable moments that take place at the chalkboard. This “ready to write” space gives both teachers and students the ability to instantly express, erase, and then express again. But, what happens when the classroom is virtual, and the online students can’t […]