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This activity focuses on the Text and Markup tool by teaching students how to change font color and size from the toolbar; explore the features of the text formatting menu; discover the Markup Tool and how it can be used with pre-existing text.

Activity Description

Page One: 

This page is for exploring the text tool through three tasks. 

You can implement it a few different ways depending on student background and readiness!

  1. You could use this in a whole class setting as a way to demonstrate each tool with the students.
  2. You could assign this as a task for individual students.
  3. Students could work in partners or groups to complete the pages. 

As students progress, they’ll be prompted to change the formatting of the current or added text.

Page Two:

This page is designed to explore the formatting menu. 

The formatting menu is the toolbar that appears at the top of the page when you click on the piece of text you want to edit. Normally, this page would be suitable for students aged 12+.

But, younger students can still benefit too! It just means they’ll need a little extra support to navigate the text formatting menu.

On this page, there are three tasks. 

  1. The first is learning what happens when you click on the current text. It allows students to see when the text formatting menu appears and encourages exploring that menu to find out the font name and size.
  2. The second is designed as a structured way for students to explore all the icons in the text formatting menu. If needed, the teacher can demo this to the whole class.
  3. Lastly, the third task is a summary exercise where students identify the function of some of the buttons.

Page Three:

This page is dedicated to the Markup Tool, but is included in this resource because it works hand-in-hand with the text tool!

Here there are five tasks that directly prompt students to click on one of the four ways to mark up text and apply it to a class resource.