Using Kami in offline mode

Blog_Using Kami in offline mode

The Internet is everywhere… except when you need it most! For teachers and students with an unreliable or nonexistent wifi connection, Kami’s offline mode makes asynchronous remote learning possible. 

Here is everything you need to know about working offline with Kami:

What can you do in Kami’s offline mode?

The beauty of Kami’s offline mode is that you can do almost everything in the app that you would normally do, just without the internet. This includes:

  • Editing any document type using our array of tools such as text boxes, freehand drawing or shapes.
  • Annotate files using the text, voice or video comments.
  • Insert shapes and images. 
Is there anything you can’t do in Kami’s offline mode?

Sadly some of our tools do require a direct internet connection. These are:

  • The Dictionary Tool, as this requires connecting to the Oxford Dictionary definitions.
  • Downloading your doc as PDF.
  • Text to speech (depending on your device, some will work). 
  • Speech to text. 
  • Google Drive syncing.

How to use Kami in offline mode

Follow these simple steps to successfully use Kami’s offline mode:

1. Open your chosen PDF file while connected to the internet. Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas assignments can also be opened within Kami at this stage. Offline Access is supported in recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

2. Let any annotations already on the file load up. You will be able to watch, read or listen to comments already inserted by a collaborator or teacher in offline mode.

3. Disconnect from the internet.We recommend keeping your Kami tab open (this will mean the changes automatically save when you come back online. If you close it for any reason, you can get back to your document by clicking our extension icon or going to and choosing your file from the recents list.  

4. Edit and annotate your Kami file using any of the Kami tools and comment features. 

5. Reconnected to the internet.Click the save button in the upper-right corner or wait for your work to automatically sync to our servers. You can now close the Kami tab or submit an assignment knowing all your changes have been saved. If you had closed your Kami tabs, reopen Kami to save the changes you made while offline.

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