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Kami is built for teachers by teachers. We’ve come this far thanks to the insightful comments, honest feedback, and endless support from our Kami community.


“If you aren’t using Kami with your students right now you need to get it ASAP. Kami has been completely life-changing for my students.”

In or out of the classroom, Kami keeps students engaged with accessible annotation tools and saves teachers time with instruction and assessment.

Teaching is a rewarding profession. Each day, you’re making a difference to the lives of young people by helping them understand the world around them, instilling knowledge and curiosity, and guiding them to make positive decisions toward a bright future.

However, teaching is far from easy. It’s tough. You have lessons to plan, curriculums to deliver, students to engage, assessments to create, and grading to complete. It can feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day and it’s all a precarious balancing act.

Kami is here to help you. We’ve got your back.

Create learning materials with Split & Merge

Gone are the days of waiting by the photocopier. The next time you’re preparing resources for your class, use Split & Merge. Add any scanned or PDF resource, and delete or change the order of pages to create new learning material. Send individual students, groups, or even classes their remixed resources.

Add annotations

Using a stylus or mouse, your students can draw just like with pen and paper. You and your students can communicate with typed, voice-typed, audio, and video comment options. The choice is theirs.

Top tools and features

Kami strives to provide the best of the best when it comes to tools and features for every grade and subject. And since you helped us make them, we know you’ll love them. Check out them out on our Tools and Features page.

Level the playing field

Everyone has what they need to succeed, regardless of ability, with Kami’s inclusive and intuitive tools which support any learning style:

  • Captions
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Voice Typing
  • Audio and Video Comments
  • Specialized Fonts 
  • Freehand Drawing
  • Dark Mode

By empowering students to learn their way, Kami helps you to keep your class engaged and inspired.

Integrate with what you’re already using

Kami keeps things simple by integrating with the learning management system you’re already using, including Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and Microsoft Teams, to simplify assessment workflows and real-time collaboration.

Simplify grading with Class View

Save precious time by tracking and grading multiple assignments at the same time, all in one view. Less time spent shuffling stacks of paper means more time for your students, your lessons, and yourself.

Saving schools money

On average, US schools spend $200,000 a year on printing. Say goodbye to printing costs by switching to Kami. Pay less for your students to learn more.

There are several different license options available depending on how you’re looking to use Kami. You can find more information on our pricing page.

The environment gets a break

Going digital has obvious benefits, not just for our modern students, but for our planet! Choose purple to go green. Save trees and embrace the future with Kami.

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