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Kami Rewards

Invite your teacher friends to Kami and get rewarded for sharing the love.

Your support means everything

So we’re introducing an easy way for you to earn rewards with each referral.
1. Refer teachers

Refer fellow teachers to Kami with your unique link, and they’ll score a free 4-month Teacher Plan trial.

2. Get points

Every teacher you successfully sign-up earns you one point. So don’t be shy, share the love!

3. Redeem rewards

Bank points to unlock in-app features like new sticker designs, animated stickers and much more, coming soon.

Stack exclusive rewards

Join Kami Rewards to unlock new Kami features — exclusive stickers are just the beginning.
Bonus reward: September only

Reach three points this month to earn a bonus sticker – get in quick!

Ready to share the love?

Frequently asked questions
What is Kami Rewards?

Kami Rewards is our latest referral program giving our supportive community the chance to get rewarded for what they already do – sharing the Kami love!

Who can join Kami Rewards?

Our referral program is currently available to Kami users with a Teacher or Education account. Referrals must be between Teacher or Education accounts.


Read our full FAQs here
How do I join Kami Rewards?

Simply open the Rewards window in Kami and start sharing your unique referral link. Easy peasy!

Who can I share my referral link with?

Got a fellow teacher who hasn’t tried Kami yet? Don’t be shy, share your referral link and they’ll get a four-month Teacher Plan trial when they sign up to Kami.