Group projects & collaboration

Teamwork has never been so simple

A Kami doc with different student comments on it
Instant collaboration
Real-time monitoring
Student-led learning
Collaborative templates
A girl on a laptop in class

Instant collaboration

When an idea comes to mind, quickly share it with ease. No set-up needed.

Real-time monitoring

Keep an eye on each student without looking over their shoulder.

a list of collaborators on a Kami doc
Two students on laptops in a classroom, editing the same Kami doc that is on the big screen in front of them

Student-led learning

With 40+ features at their fingertips, students can confidently take the lead.

Free collaborative templates

Kami Library has hundreds of helpful resources for all grades and subjects.

an array of collaboration templates
Integration icons for google classroom, canvas, schoology, google drive, one drive and microsoft teams

Easy LMS integrations

Kami works seamlessly with what you’re already using – whether it’s Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, or Schoology.