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We find enthusiastic educators at the top of their game to share their knowledge and insights with you — the teaching community. Each episode is a deep dive into educational topics that are relevant to teachers today.


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Steve Martinez
Season one
E07: The Power of Project-based Learning

Listen along as we chat to Steve Martinez, a passionate Social Science teacher with an excitement for EdTech, as he covers the benefits and opportunities that come with project-based learning!

3 Feb 2022 | 38:50 minutes

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Adam Bellow
Season one
E06: Striving for Student Empowerment

Educational technologist, and CEO and Co-Founder of Breakout EDU, Adam Bellow, talks us through shifting from a focus on student engagement to reaching for student empowerment.

13 Jan 2022 | 46:49 minutes

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Ben Sondgeroth
Season one
E05: Reflection and Goal Setting

In this episode, Lead Regional EdTech Coordinator Ben Sondgeroth takes us through year-end rituals; how it’s vital for both students and teachers to reflect and set goals for the year to come!

23 Dec 2021 | 52:35 minutes

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Jere Chang
Season one
E04: Celebrating the Special in SPED

We’re on the line with Jere Chang, a Gifted Educational Teacher with over 25 years of experience, as we dive into what makes SPED so special – including tips and advice for teachers!

23 Nov 2021 | 36:40 minutes

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