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We find enthusiastic educators at the top of their game to share their knowledge and insights with you — the teaching community. Each episode is a deep dive into educational topics that are relevant to teachers today.


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Likia Smith
Season one
E03: Checking in on Your Students

This week we catch up with Kami Hero and 4th grade ELA teacher, Likia Smith. She takes us through the importance of building relationships, checking in on students’ SEL and academic understanding, and more!

3 Nov 2021 | 29:43 minutes

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Elizabeth Coller
Season one
E02: Classroom Community

We speak with Elizabeth Coller from the Kinder-hearted Classroom on the importance of building a positive classroom culture; from student "shout-outs" to social contracts.

14 Oct 2021 | 51:40 minutes

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Christina Costa
Season one
E01: Self-care Starter Pack

We chat to Educator and Psych PhD Candidate, Christina Costa about all things teacher wellness; including staying focused on the positive, avoiding burnout, and advice for anyone struggling.

21 Sep 2021 | 33:32 minutes

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