Teacher wellbeing report

Find out how teachers are feeling and what’s really happening out there .

Every year we survey thousands of teachers to understand how they are thinking and feeling, and how we can make change to support our heroes.

In 2022 the results showed that teachers were beyond burn-out, with 75% having thought about leaving the profession (sometimes, often or always). It was clear teachers’ need their voices heard.

1 out of 2

have had to seek external support for work-related stress or anxiety

3 out of 5

teachers are unhappy and feel anxious or depressed


feel there is not sufficient support to help avoid stress or burnout 

1 in 2 

teachers have no time to engage with family or friends outside of work

We sat down with three former teachers to get their thoughts on the current situation, hear their stories, and interpret the results of the Wellbeing Report.