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Latest episode:

Desiree Alexander
21 September, 2022

E08: Equity in Education


In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Desiree Alexander – who discusses what Equity looks like and means within the classroom and in education as a whole.

More from this series:

3 February, 2022

E07: The Power of Project-based Learning


Listen along as we chat to Steve Martinez, a passionate Social Science teacher with an excitement for EdTech, as he covers the benefits and opportunities that come with project-based learning!
12 January, 2022

E06: Striving for Student Empowerment


Educational technologist, and CEO and Co-Founder of Breakout EDU, Adam Bellow, talks us through shifting from a focus on student engagement to reaching for student empowerment.
10 December, 2021

E05: Reflection and Goal Setting


In this episode, Lead Regional EdTech Coordinator Ben Sondgeroth takes us through year-end rituals; how it’s vital for both students and teachers to reflect and set goals for the year to come!
23 November, 2021

E04: Celebrating the Special in SPED


We’re on the line with Jere Chang, a Gifted Educational Teacher with over 25 years of experience, as we dive into what makes SPED so special – including tips and advice for teachers!
03 November, 2021

E03: Checking in on Your Students


This week we catch up with Kami Hero and 4th grade ELA teacher, Likia Smith. She takes us through the importance of building relationships, checking in on students’ SEL and academic understanding, and more!
14 October, 2021

E02: Classroom Community


We speak with Elizabeth Coller from the Kinder-hearted Classroom on the importance of building a positive classroom culture; from student “shout-outs” to social contracts.
21 September, 2021

E01: Self-care Starter Pack


We chat to Educator and Psych PhD Candidate, Christina Costa about all things teacher wellness; including staying focused on the positive, avoiding burnout, and advice for anyone struggling.

Your hosts:

Marcus Stein  

Former English teacher with experience teaching High School in Louisiana, USA, Marcus Stein is the Teacher success champion at Kami. He also holds an M.Ed. in education technology leadership and has spent the past 8+ years as an education consultant, focused on effective technology integration. If Marcus looks familiar, it’s because he once was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune! His favorite food genre is Thai, and his favorite music is tropical house.

Chelsea Metreyeon

Chelsea Metreyeon is an Account Executive for the Southwest Region of the US. She was formerly a Kindergarten teacher with experience in reading Intervention for K-5 and Art. Chelsea also has experience as a former Sales Associate for a K-12 curriculum company. Outside of her work, Chelsea enjoys yoga, snacking, and The Golden Girls!

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