Want to welcome the world to

Kami Connect?

We want to celebrate the diversity of our community this Kami Connect July. What better way than sharing a bit of your culture with the 50,000 other educators attending? Record a quick video to welcome attendees and let them know where you’ll be watching from!

How to share your “Welcome World” video with us

Step 1: Camera setup

Get someone to record you or set up your camera (or phone!) in an area with good lighting. An exciting background would be great! Please record in landscape.

Step 2: Record your welcome

Record your short welcome or greeting in your own language and let us know where you’re going to be watching Kami Connect from. 

Here’s an example: 

Hello World! I’m so excited for Kami Connect July. I’m tuning in from the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand.

Step 3: Submit your video

Submit your “Welcome World” recording below before July 24 for a chance to be featured in the opening of Kami Connect July 2021!

By sharing your video with us, you are allowing us to retain the rights of the video for use within Kami Connect, on YouTube, and on our social media channels.

Once you’ve submitted your video to the Kami Connect team, feel free to post your video on social tagging us with the hashtag #KamiConnect and be in to win.

We will pick 10 lucky winners who will receive a Limited Edition Kami Connect T-Shirt.

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Kami Connect July

July 24, 2021 | 9 AM PDT | 12 PM EDT

The world’s largest free virtual conference for educators to learn, be inspired, and connect.