Whiteboard Your Way

With a Kami whiteboard, you can:

Teach from anywhere

Encourage student-led lessons

Extend student learning

Ensure access for all

“Some of my favorite features include the ability to use Kami as an online whiteboard, including multiple ways to annotate (image, audio, video, speech-to-text, drawing, shapes, etc.)

Charlsie Wigley, Jefferson County Schools, AL

Teach and learn anywhere, anytime!

Whiteboarding with Kami allows you to have teachable moments, anytime, from anywhere in the classroom. Not only is your content up on the smartboard, but it’s also right in front of each student on their device for them to learn from, interact with, and keep for later. This frees you from the front of the class so you can have those important one-on-ones, all while keeping the lesson on track.

Let students lead

The whiteboard isn’t just for teachers, and with Kami, you can assign each individual their own whiteboard for student-led lessons and discussions! So every student gets a space to show their thinking and collaborate as a class, then they can each take their whiteboard with them as a resource.

Extend the lesson

Learning doesn’t end when the class does. By whiteboarding with Kami, you can expand on all your notes by easily turning them into an activity or adding content to make it a rich and engaging resource. Add voice comments to questions, or fill any contextual gaps by embedding a YouTube video – this way students can come back to the page long after the lesson has ended and continue to learn!

Access for all

Whiteboarding with Kami takes things one step further by not only digitizing and autosaving classroom notes but by making them 100% accessible and shareable to anyone you want! Send out class lessons and learning material to students, parents, or an email group; either as editors or viewers. This way, students have all the written material they need for in-class and remote learning, as well as any important voice notes or extra content captured during the lesson!

Track progress

Nothing makes a lesson more fulfilling than knowing you engaged all of your students. Whiteboarding with Kami lets you follow how much and how well each individual student is tracking with the Annotation Summary – a sidebar that shows you who wrote each annotation and where they are in the document. So, at the end of the day, you know exactly how your students are keeping up with your lessons!

More than a smartboard

By using a Kami document as a smartboard, you get more than the standard markup, highlighting, and annotation features. You unlock a rich set of tools and features including Speech-to-text, Text-to-speech, Video and Voice comments, Add Media tools, Screen capture, a dictionary, Kami stickers and so much more!

For a more in-depth look into how Teachers like you are whiteboard with Kami, watch this video.

“I used Kami as an interactive whiteboard this week for the first time for my remote student and it was awesome! I never knew about this until I did the Kami Certification!”

Nicole Bieker, Great Bend USD 428, KS  via FB group


“Kami has been an awesome tool for seeing student work during distance learning. Being able to see errors and correct them all in the same place is just what I needed for virtual math instruction! It also is a fab whiteboard with 👍 tools #Kamiforschools”

Christine Caruso, Council Rock School District, SC – via Twitter


“Use a blank page in Kami to create a collaborative interactive whiteboard. See who added what by checking the annotation summary. Priceless! #kamiconnect2021”

Christine Sklareski, Elizabethtown Area School District, PA  via Twitter


“We have been showing off @usekamiapp in our Zoom trainings as a quick and easy way to open up nearly any document inside of a virtual interactive whiteboard. I love the addition of the collaborative pieces of Kami. We’ll get there too!”

Estee Williams, Beaufort County School, SC via Twitter


“I can’t wait to use Kami as a whiteboard with my students and sharing this with my colleagues”

Rosalina Blanco, Golden Valley Unified Schools, CA via twitter


“I’m excited to have students collaborate on the whiteboard!!”

Daphne Horstmeier Cincinnati Public Schools, OH via FB Group


Kami x Newline

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