3rd grade

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A multiplication color by numbers for 2nd-6th graders with a St Patrick's Day theme

St Patrick's Day Multiplication Color By Numbers

Test your math skills and add some color to your St. Patrick's Day with this fun worksheet!

Digital Notebook

Use a digital notebook to provide a one-stop-shop for your teaching content!

Assigning digital notebooks also gives students the ability to receive support regardless of whether they're physically in the classroom or learning remotely. Plus, with Kami's accessibility features that assist with all types of basic annotations, you can give even more tangible explanations as students seek clear answers from a distance.

Try out teaching and learning with our colorful Digital Notebook template today!

A st patrick's day coloring sheet for pre-k-3rd graders with a cat design

St Patrick's Day Coloring Sheet | Cat

Put your coloring skills to the test with this St. Patrick's Day-themed worksheet featuring a playful cat!

A multiplication worksheet for 2nd-6th graders with a exercise worksheets up to 12x12

Multiplication Worksheet Pack

Our multiplication worksheets are a great resource for you to use in the classroom. They cover all the basic multiplication facts up to 12x12 and provide practice so that students can master their multiplication tables.

A multiplication chart for 2nd-6th graders with a orange colorful theme

Multiplication Chart | To 12x12

This multiplication chart is a colorful and fun way to teach your students their times tables.

A maze for all grades with a st patrick's day theme

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Maze

Hop your way through this rainbow maze on this St. Patrick's Day. The lucky pot at the end is filled with gold coins and treasures galore!

Understanding Ramadan Activity

Help students learn the fundamentals of Ramadan with this Understanding Ramadan template!

This template provides prompted boxes for students to think about and answer questions based on Ramadan practices and how they see similarities in their own daily lives – further promoting comprehension of the special event.

Assign these as individual assignments through your LMS and get your students immediately engaged with Kami's awesome tools and features.

Cornell Notes | Lined

Simple, practical, and easy to use - our Cornell Notes Lined template is going to help your students take their notes to the next level. Students often find it difficult to visualize structure while they are writing, so we have made this lined template available that includes a vertical line down the left side of the page. This allows your students to write their notes in conventional order and review their structure of them at any time.

Frayer Model

Introduce a Frayer Model to your class with this fun template!

Frayer Models are great tools for students to better understand new and important concepts by listing examples, non-examples, facts, and definitions. x > 1 = 2

This activity can be assigned as an individual or group activity, or as a teacher model.

A essay writing template for students with a hamburger design

Hamburger Writing Template

Our hamburger essay template guides you to organize your thoughts and ideas with a clear intro, body, and conclusion.

Venn Diagram | 2 Circles

Compare and contrast two concepts with a Venn Diagram!

Download this template to start brainstorming with your class today.

A st patrick's day count for Pre-K-3rd graders with a symbols theme

St Patrick's Day Count

Get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit and practice counting with our themed worksheet!

A st patrick's day coloring sheet for Pre-K-3rd graders with a st patrick's day design

St Patrick's Day Coloring Sheet

Add some color to your St. Patrick's Day with this fun coloring sheet for kids!

A handwriting worksheet for Pre-K-3rd graders with a st patrick's day theme

St Patrick's Day Handwriting Worksheet

Improve your handwriting with our St. Patrick's Day-themed worksheet!

Comic Strip | Blank

Get students exploring a new style of writing with a Comic Strip activity!

This blank comic strip template is great for getting creative with classroom assignments that require narrative structure, such as comic drawing and storyboard plotting.

Complete with five blank boxes for drawing, and speech and thought bubbles for dialogue; you'll be giving your students a fresh way to express their learning and understanding. Hello voice and choice!