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Class Awards | Golden Frame

This customizable certificate is the perfect way to congratulate your student on a job well done! With royal colors, a gold frame and a dash of fun, they'll be inspired to keep up the good work! Simply edit the text in Kami with your own title and reason for the award.

Class Awards | Yellow Trophy

You know those times when a plain, old gold star just won't do? Here's a fun certificate for your students to celebrate their achievements! Edit the text in Kami with your own Award Title and Reason for the award. Fill in the blank spaces with the students name, your name and date.

Class Awards | Blue Rosette Award

Class Award Certificates are a cute and colorful way to reward your students. There is room to customize it with your award title and space to add your student's name.

Class Awards | Pink Bunting

Line up your top students with this end-of-term class awards certificate. With a pink background and colorful bunting, the certificate can be personalized with each student's name and your comment on how well they did. Open in Kami and edit the text to suit!

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Digital Notebook

Use a digital notebook to provide a one-stop-shop for your teaching content!

Assigning digital notebooks also gives students the ability to receive support regardless of whether they're physically in the classroom or learning remotely. Plus, with Kami's accessibility features that assist with all types of basic annotations, you can give even more tangible explanations as students seek clear answers from a distance.

Try out teaching and learning with our colorful Digital Notebook template today!

Gratitude Journal

Help your students keep track of all the good things in their life with a colorful, editable Gratitude Journal!

Each page includes a new activity for students to complete, including a Gratitude Jar, places to write stories and log their feelings, weekly gratitude notes, and so much more!

These journals are great mental health tools – they remind students that no matter how difficult life sometimes gets, there is always something to feel grateful for.

Chutes & Ladders

Help develop your younger students' counting skills while having fun with Chutes and Ladders!

Playing the game gives students a chance to practice counting as they move their pieces back and forth in a repetitive nature. Plus, you're supporting their general arithmetic skills as they count how many places forward or back the snake or ladder has taken them.

Chutes and Ladders is a brilliantly simple board game fit for any age group, helping students learn as they play.

Also known as: Snakes & Ladders.

Mother's Day Simile Writing Worksheet

Let your students get creative with their writing for Mother's Day and use this worksheet to help your students describe their moms using similes. This is a great way to introduce similes, or to help your students practice using them in writing.

Newest Releases

Exit Ticket | Venn Diagram

Use this Venn diagram style exit ticket template for your students to compare two subjects. Perhaps it's the end of the day and they want to compare what they learnt in Math to what they learnt in English. Or maybe it's the end of class and you'd like them to compare the subjects discussed.

Exit Ticket | Cause & Consequence Rockets

Great for use after teaching about cause and effect, this resource will provide engaging exit tickets to help students understand cause and consequence, which is an important concept for students in all grade levels.

Exit Ticket | Movie Theme

With this movie theme exit ticket, your students will explain something that they learned in class today and write a question about the lesson that they still have. This makes for a great way to end a lesson or help students review content from earlier in the week.

Exit Ticket | Thoughts & Ideas

Use this exit ticket at the end of your class for your students to fill out with some things they didn't know or understand before the lesson.