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A venn diagram template for comparing and constrasting with a light blue design.

Venn Diagram | Two Circles Light Blue

Compare and contrast two concepts with a Venn Diagram!

A worksheet for math and science students with a xy axis fillable design.

Graph Coordinates | XY Axis Fillable

A worksheet for practicing graph coordinates, perfect for honing students' plotting and mapping skills.

Unlock the world of computer science with our interactive 17-page vocabulary workbook!

Computer Science Vocabulary Workbook

Our Computer Science Vocabulary Book was designed by Laurie Guyon @SMILELearning with the new NYSED digital and computer science standards in mind. It's the go-to resource for 3rd-6th grade students eager to learn fundamental tech terminology. They can explore 18 key terms while completing engaging activities. Equip your students with our Computer Science Vocabulary Book, and let them confidently navigate the digital world!

5 E’s Lesson Plan

A 5E's model worksheet, engaging students through exploration, explanation, elaboration, and evaluation for comprehensive learning.