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Gratitude Journal

Help your students keep track of all the good things in their life with a colorful, editable Gratitude Journal!

Each page includes a new activity for students to complete, including a Gratitude Jar, places to write stories and log their feelings, weekly gratitude notes, and so much more!

These journals are great mental health tools – they remind students that no matter how difficult life sometimes gets, there is always something to feel grateful for.

Mother's Day Simile Writing Worksheet

Let your students get creative with their writing for Mother's Day and use this worksheet to help your students describe their moms using similes. This is a great way to introduce similes, or to help your students practice using them in writing.

End of Year Reflection Activity for Elementary Level

You will love this reflection activity for the end of the year. It's a colorful, fun template with doodles and boxes for your students to fill in their reflections about their year in school and what they learned. By completing this reflection, students will be able to assess their progress and feel successful!

Earth Day Word Search

Get students familiar with some Earth Day inspired vocabulary with this Word Search template.

A classic activity, students have up to 12 words to look for in this colorful template.

Assign these as individual assignments through your LMS and get your students immediately engaged with Kami's awesome tools and features.

Seating Chart | Group

Get prepped for Back-to-school with this super handy seating chart!

This blue template is designed to get your students arranged in group seating. First, place each student's name down the list on the side so that they can see which desk they've been assigned. Once students have access to this document and are happy in their seats, get them to collaborate on the document by adding a voice comment on their desk (or beside their name) introducing themselves. Now you have a way to track your students whereabouts and how to pronounce their names!

There's also space for you to add a welcome message for students to play when they open the document. Use this to introduce yourself, get excited for the year ahead, and add any important details (like how you'd like to be addressed).

Class Awards | Yellow Trophy

You know those times when a plain, old gold star just won't do? Here's a fun certificate for your students to celebrate their achievements! Edit the text in Kami with your own Award Title and Reason for the award. Fill in the blank spaces with the students name, your name and date.

End of Year Reflection Activity for Secondary Level | Green & Orange

The end of the school year is fast approaching and it's time to reflect on all you've accomplished this year. Wrap up your school year by having students complete this end-of-the-year reflection activity.

Mother's Day Writing Template

Let your students give their mother something to be thankful for this year with a letter filled with love, gratitude, and appreciation that she can save in a keepsake scrapbook or put on the fridge.

This blank writing template with colorful flowers makes it easy to add words and photos for each student to personalize and make their own.

Mother's Day Digital Card | World

This digital card has everything your student needs to tell their Mom that she is the best in the whole world! Get your student to pop a photo of them into the empty globe and write a kind message below.

Let's celebrate all the mothers in the world this Mother's Day.

Class Awards | Golden Frame

This customizable certificate is the perfect way to congratulate your student on a job well done! With royal colors, a gold frame and a dash of fun, they'll be inspired to keep up the good work! Simply edit the text in Kami with your own title and reason for the award.

Easter Counting Activity

Get your students' enjoying practicing addition with this Easter Counting template!

This colourful template is perfect for younger grades (ages 3-8), helping them complete basic counting activities to get them more confident in the skill.

Assign these as individual assignments through your LMS and get your students immediately engaged with Kami's awesome tools and features.

End of Year Reflection Activity for Secondary Level | Pink & Blue

Bring your class to a close with this end of the year reflection activity. In this template students will reflect on the year, write about their summer plans, and give advice for future students. This is a great way to end off your school year, especially for students who are leaving for college!

Mother's Day Digital Card | Dinosaur

This digital card is perfect for your students to add their photo to send to their moms for Mother's Day. The card is customizable and has a cute dinosaur theme they will love. Students can add their own message alongside adding their photo into the dinosaur frame.

Your students can either print this and take it home or show their moms on their digital device.

Easter Coloring In

Provide the ultimate Easter brain break with this Coloring In template!

This blank template is perfect for younger grades (ages 3-8), giving them the opportunity to relax and get creative during their lesson.

Assign these as individual assignments through your LMS and get your students immediately engaged with Kami's awesome tools and features.

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Bring gratitude practice into your classroom with this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge template, perfect for the Thanksgiving season!

In this colorful portrait template, you'll find 30 prompted gratitude boxes to tick off one by one, or randomly as students please.

Assign each template individually and get students to download it and keep it somewhere handy. Like printing it out to stick on the wall, or keeping it as a desktop background!

Students can always jump in and personalize the prompts by editing over the squares with their own suggestions.

Class Awards | Blue Rosette Award

Class Award Certificates are a cute and colorful way to reward your students. There is room to customize it with your award title and space to add your student's name.