Seasonal in 6th grade

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A biography research sheet for black history month with a prompt exercise

Black History Month Biography

Learn about Black History Month by researching about a remarkable historical figure! Choose someone who inspires you and use this worksheet to research their life and impact on the world.

A maze for all grades with a winter theme

Winter Maze

Get into the holiday spirit with this fun Winter maze!

A Black history month worksheet for 6th-12th graders with a influential figures exercise

Black History Month Influential Figures

Research and learn about four inspiring figures in sports, literature, art, and music. Share what you've learned with your classmates.

A timeline for Black history month with a prompt exercise

Black History Month Timeline

As part of Black History Month, create a timeline of notable events. Research and record the significant moments that have shaped and impacted history.

Gratitude Journal

Help your students keep track of all the good things in their life with a colorful, editable Gratitude Journal!

Each page includes a new activity for students to complete, including a Gratitude Jar, places to write stories and log their feelings, weekly gratitude notes, and so much more!

These journals are great mental health tools – they remind students that no matter how difficult life sometimes gets, there is always something to feel grateful for.

A research sheet for Lunar new year with a set of prompts

Lunar New Year Research Sheet

Get in the spirit of the festival with this fun and educational research sheet! Perfect for students or anyone interested in learning more about the lunar new year, this sheet features a variety of questions and prompts that encourage you to explore the rich culture and history of the holiday.

A Lunar new year drag and drop for 1st-5th graders with a zodiac signs exercise

Chinese Zodiac Signs Drag & Drop

Come and find out your Chinese Zodiac sign with our interactive drag-and-drop activity! Have fun learning about this ancient tradition and yourself!

A mix and match for 2nd-6th graders with a lunar new year theme

Lunar New Year Mix & Match

Celebrate the lunar new year with this mix-and-match activity!

A interactive vision board for 4th-12 graders with a sticker pack

Interactive Vision Board

Create a positive and inspiring classroom environment with our Vision Board template. Encourage students to set goals, visualize success and stay motivated.

A research sheet for Lunar New Year with a Chinese zodiac signs exercise

Lunar New Year Zodiac Signs Research Sheet

Learn about the rich history and symbolism of the Chinese zodiac with this fun and educational research sheet! This sheet encourages you to explore the characteristics and traits associated with each sign.

Meet the Teacher | Spanish

¡Preséntate a tus alumnos con estilo con esta plantilla de Conoce a tu Docente! Al ser una plantilla, lo que lo único que debes hacer es completar los espacios en blanco. Si deseas cambiar cualquiera de las secciones, siempre puede editarlas en Kami o descargar una de nuestras plantillas completamente en blanco.

Una vez completada, usa los permisos de uso compartido en Kami para crear un enlace para que todos los estudiantes y padres vean e interactúen con tu archivo

Introduce yourself to your elementary students in style with this Meet the Teacher template! This template has prompts so all you need to do is fill in the blanks. If you want to switch up any of the prompts, you can always edit over them in Kami, or download one of our fully blank templates instead.

Once completed, use the sharing permissions in Kami to generate a link for all students and parents to view and interact with your file!

Letter to Myself for Students

Get your students to write a letter to themselves at the start of the new school year. This is a really easy way to share some powerful messages with them, and it's a great way to boost their confidence and motivation for the rest of their year.

Seating Chart | Group

Get prepped for Back-to-school with this super handy seating chart!

This blue template is designed to get your students arranged in group seating. First, place each student's name down the list on the side so that they can see which desk they've been assigned. Once students have access to this document and are happy in their seats, get them to collaborate on the document by adding a voice comment on their desk (or beside their name) introducing themselves. Now you have a way to track your students whereabouts and how to pronounce their names!

There's also space for you to add a welcome message for students to play when they open the document. Use this to introduce yourself, get excited for the year ahead, and add any important details (like how you'd like to be addressed).

A Christmas Letter template for all grades with a Christmas theme

Christmas Letter Template

Students can use this free Christmas Letter Template to create a warm and personal letter to send to their family, friends, and loved ones.

A Hanukkah Word Search for 2nd-12th graders with a blue theme

Hanukkah Word Search

Challenging and fun to do, this Hanukkah word search is an engaging way to learn about the festival.

A seasonal word search for all grades with a fall theme

Seasonal Word Search | Fall Theme

Welcome fall with this word search activity. Perfect for the lead-up to the upcoming holiday season.