From in-classroom to remote learning, assigning to assessing; we have it covered!

At Kami, you are at the center of everything we do.
So, when it comes to solutions, your feedback and requests feed directly into the creation and updates of Kami tools and features! That’s how we know we’re providing a platform that just works for you, your school, and your students. 

Kami in the Classroom 

Kami is designed to be your classroom’s best friend! We’ve been focused on enhancing classroom and learning environments since our beginnings way back in 2013. Check out how the teachers around the world are enhancing their classrooms with Kami, every day!

Blended Learning

We know it can be tough creating an effective learning environment while bouncing between the classroom and remote settings – that’s why Kami provides all sorts of ways for teachers to flex their flair without the barriers of time and place slowing student learning. 

Remote Learning

There are heaps of ways to create, enhance, and level up your digital classroom with Kami! Plus, it’s the perfect platform for you and your students to seamlessly flow in and out of remote learning. 


We’re passionate about empowering all students to truly love learning, no matter what stage of their learning journey they’re at, and we have the features to back it up!


Take control of your feedback and assessment workflow, and save hours in your working week, with Kami! Getting started is simple; Kami is already compatible with your favorite LMS, like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and Microsoft Teams, so it’s business as usual as soon as you’re in. 


Generate a creative space to capture those everyday teachable moments by using blank pages as collaborative digital whiteboards and tools to annotate in real-time. 

Group Projects

With no limit to how many students can access a document at one time, project possibilities are endless! Go group-wide or class-wide, dictate who can access what worksheet, and add individual annotations without interfering with the ones already in place. With all sorts of annotation tools, every student in the group, in-class or remote, can have their say.  

“Being a special education teacher, the accessibility features in Kami have been so helpful for my students! Loving using Kami in my class! I just completed the Certified Educator course also, and I've learned so much! Cannot wait to implement what I've learned in my classroom!”

Charleston Parker, Hartselle City, Alabama


“I am so excited to use Kami to help with accessibility and differentiation with my students who are doing virtual learning as well as the students with accommodations and Tier 3 students in my learning resource classroom. I am also working with Lower school teachers to help them integrate Kami for students who receive accommodations during remote learning and in class.”

Krista Hanna South Carolina Independent School Association, South Carolina


“I am completely grateful to Kami for the tools and services that you bring to our classrooms. I have just finished the certification and our entire school has had to pivot to remote this week. Kami has been such a relief. We are connecting with our students with ease and everyone is really excited about the tools and services. Our feedback on this integration into our remote learning is OUTSTANDING!”

Kim Dorken, The Oxford School, Canada