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A multiplication color by numbers for 2nd-6th graders with a St Patrick's Day theme

St Patrick's Day Multiplication Color By Numbers

Test your math skills and add some color to your St. Patrick's Day with this fun worksheet!

A multiplication worksheet for 2nd-6th graders with a exercise worksheets up to 12x12

Multiplication Worksheet Pack

Our multiplication worksheets are a great resource for you to use in the classroom. They cover all the basic multiplication facts up to 12x12 and provide practice so that students can master their multiplication tables.

A multiplication chart for 2nd-6th graders with a orange colorful theme

Multiplication Chart | To 12x12

This multiplication chart is a colorful and fun way to teach your students their times tables.

Frayer Model

Introduce a Frayer Model to your class with this fun template!

Frayer Models are great tools for students to better understand new and important concepts by listing examples, non-examples, facts, and definitions. x > 1 = 2

This activity can be assigned as an individual or group activity, or as a teacher model.

Venn Diagram | 2 Circles

Compare and contrast two concepts with a Venn Diagram!

Download this template to start brainstorming with your class today.

A st patrick's day count for Pre-K-3rd graders with a symbols theme

St Patrick's Day Count

Get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit and practice counting with our themed worksheet!

Comic Strip | Blank

Get students exploring a new style of writing with a Comic Strip activity!

This blank comic strip template is great for getting creative with classroom assignments that require narrative structure, such as comic drawing and storyboard plotting.

Complete with five blank boxes for drawing, and speech and thought bubbles for dialogue; you'll be giving your students a fresh way to express their learning and understanding. Hello voice and choice!


Compare and contrast two concepts with a T-chart!

Download this template to start brainstorming with your class today.

A graph paper template for science and math teachers with a blue grid design

Graph Paper | Blue Grid

A blue grid graph paper template is a useful tool for anyone who needs to draw or plot points, lines, or shapes. The blue grid lines make it easy to accurately place and measure your designs. Whether you're a student, artist, or professional, this template can help you create clear and precise drawings.

Easter Counting Activity

Get your students' enjoying practicing addition with this Easter Counting template!

This colourful template is perfect for younger grades (ages 3-8), helping them complete basic counting activities to get them more confident in the skill.

Assign these as individual assignments through your LMS and get your students immediately engaged with Kami's awesome tools and features.

A count the gold coins worksheet for Pre-K-4th graders with a st patrick's day theme

St Patrick's Day Count The Gold Coins

Count your pots of gold with our St. Patrick's Day worksheet! Perfect for kids learning to count, this colorful worksheet features gold coins to count and a fun St. Patrick's Day theme.

Main Idea & Supporting Details | Purple

Guide students as they learn to identify main ideas and supporting details with this simple template!

This type of identification process is a foundational skill for all learning. Using this template provides a helpful framework for students at the beginning of their reading and learning journey.

Included in this purple template is a blank space for any main idea, plus three featured details. Make use of this activity for independent reading or learning, and for class-wide collaboration.

A multiplications worksheet for 2nd-4th graders with a st patrick's day theme

St Patrick's Day Multiplications Worksheet

Learn and practice your multiplication tables with our St. Patrick's Day-themed worksheet!

A number lines worksheet for K-2nd graders with a 0-10 exercise

Number Line Additions | 0-10

Perfect for kindergarten to 2nd-grade students, this number line addition worksheet will help them count up to 10 with the problems provided.