Activities in 12th grade

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A newspaper template for 6th-12th graders with a front page design

Newspaper Template

Introduce your students to the world of journalism with this newspaper template. It can be used as a starting point for writing about current events or for publishing their own articles.

Graffiti Wall

Give your students a space to visually demonstrate knowledge with a Graffiti Wall template.

With this whole-class collaborative template, students can work on Graffiti Walls while also viewing their classmates' contributions.

This activity can be assigned to individual students or small groups through the Kami integration in your LMS. Don't forget to grant editing permissions!

A human digestive system template for 5th-12th graders with a labelling exercise.

Digestive System Worksheet

A digestive system worksheet is a helpful tool for students to learn about the organs and functions of the digestive system.

Group Brainstorm

Get your students collaborating with this Group Brainstorm template!

Assign this template to any size group and let your students and step back as they ideate freely amongst themselves! You can also use this as a digital whiteboard for whole-class brainstorms.

A blank continents map for geography class with a colored design.

Blank Continents Map

A map of each continent is a valuable resource for students to learn geography.

A world map for labelling with a matching activity.

World Map | Matching Activity

A map of each continent is a valuable resource for students to learn geography.

Exit Ticket | Single Blank Nintendo

Use this template to ask your students 'What was the most fun thing from today's lesson?' The blank exit ticket is a great way to interact with your students and see what they learned in the classroom.

Jot Spot

Quickly gather class feedback with a collaborative Jot Spot page!

Get all students collaborating on the one document; from here, instruct students to make their own thumbs up/down, numbers ranking 0-5, or emojis for good, okay, bad as their feedback (depending on what you plan to ask).

You can also assign students a number so their feedback will be in their numbered box. Then, as you ask questions, students place their feedback symbol in their box providing you with feedback from all students at once without students knowing who said what.

A crossword for students with a Digital citizenship week theme

Digital Citizenship Week Crossword

Challenge your students with this Digital Citizenship Week Crossword. Students will be challenged to think about their own behavior and what they can do to stay safe online.

A icebreaker activity for back to school with a interactive world map.

Interactive World Map

Embark on a global adventure with our interactive world map. Explore, connect, and discover by placing pins and sharing interesting facts about yourself or locations. Let the exploration begin!

A tournament template for march madness with a 8 colored boxes design

Tournament Template 8 Brackets | Colored Box | March Madness

Keep track of the action with this Tournament Brackets template!

A four quadrants template for ice breakers with a yellow design.

Four Quadrants | Yellow

Discover your classmates' unique personalities with our Four Quadrants template!

A skeletal system template for science with a labelling exercise

The Skeletal System

Explore the wonders of the human skeletal system with our labeling worksheet!

All About Me for Students | Favorites

Give your students a crafty and creative way to introduce themselves this back-to-school season with an editable All About Me template!

Somebody Wanted But So | Detailed

Summarize and identify key elements of a story or historical event with this Somebody-Wanted-But-So template!

This is a super useful activity for students, during or after a reading exercise, to help them solidify their learnings. This detailed template also provides a framework to helps students identify main ideas, cause and effect relationships, differences between characters, make generalizations, and discover different points of view.