Activities in 7th grade

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A wanted poster template for all grades with a customizable design

Wanted Poster Template

Create an eye-catching and effective wanted poster with our template.

A word search for friendsgiving with a gratitude design.

Gratitude Word Search

Discover the joy of gratitude with our Gratitude Word Search - a delightful way to explore and express thankfulness!

A newspaper template for 6th-12th graders with a front page design

Newspaper Template

Introduce your students to the world of journalism with this newspaper template. It can be used as a starting point for writing about current events or for publishing their own articles.

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Bring gratitude practice into your classroom with this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge template.

In this colorful portrait template, you'll find 30 prompted gratitude boxes to tick off one by one, or randomly as students please.

Assign each template individually and get students to download it and keep it somewhere handy. Like printing it out to stick on the wall, or keeping it as a desktop background!

Students can always jump in and personalize the prompts by editing over the squares with their own suggestions.

Comic Strip | Blank

Get students exploring a new style of writing with a Comic Strip activity!

This blank comic strip template is great for getting creative with classroom assignments that require narrative structure, such as comic drawing and storyboard plotting.

Complete with five blank boxes for drawing, and speech and thought bubbles for dialogue; you'll be giving your students a fresh way to express their learning and understanding. Hello voice and choice!

Gratitude Letter

Give students a Gratitude Letter template to send to someone special in their lives!

A multiplication chart for 2nd-6th graders with a orange colorful theme

Multiplication Chart | To 12x12

This multiplication chart is a colorful and fun way to teach your students their times tables.

A book report template for 4th-12th graders with a colorful design

Book Report Template | Colorful

Streamline your book report writing with our pre-made template! Cover all the crucial aspects of the book including plot summary, character analysis, and personal opinions. A must-have resource for efficient and effective reporting.

A word search for friendsgiving with a gratitude theme.

Gratitude Word Search | Lowercase Letters

Discover the joy of gratitude with our Gratitude Word Search - a delightful way to explore and express thankfulness!

A human digestive system template for 5th-12th graders with a labelling exercise.

Digestive System Worksheet

A digestive system worksheet is a helpful tool for students to learn about the organs and functions of the digestive system.

Gratitude Journal

Help your students keep track of all the good things in their life with a colorful, editable Gratitude Journal!

Each page includes a new activity for students to complete, including a Gratitude Jar, places to write stories and log their feelings, weekly gratitude notes, and so much more!

These journals are great mental health tools – they remind students that no matter how difficult life sometimes gets, there is always something to feel grateful for.

A template for practicing with a jar design.

Gratitude Jar | Light Colored Theme

Get doodling this Friendsgiving with a Gratitude Jar template!

Assign this template as an individual activity, or do one collaboratively as a class.

A blank continents map for geography class with a colored design.

Blank Continents Map

A map of each continent is a valuable resource for students to learn geography.

Graffiti Wall

Give your students a space to visually demonstrate knowledge with a Graffiti Wall template.

With this whole-class collaborative template, students can work on Graffiti Walls while also viewing their classmates' contributions.

This activity can be assigned to individual students or small groups through the Kami integration in your LMS. Don't forget to grant editing permissions!

A world map for labelling with a matching activity.

World Map | Matching Activity

A map of each continent is a valuable resource for students to learn geography.

Gratitude Pyramid | Light Colored Theme

Show just how much students have to be grateful for with this Gratitude Pyramid template!

Starting simple and small, students write down answers to the prompts. The further down the pyramid they get, the more they have to include.