Seasonal for English Language Arts in 8th grade

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Mother's Day Writing Template

Let your students give their mother something to be thankful for this year with a letter filled with love, gratitude, and appreciation that she can save in a keepsake scrapbook or put on the fridge.

This blank writing template with colorful flowers makes it easy to add words and photos for each student to personalize and make their own.

Emoji Summer Vacation

Back from summer holidays? Why not use this fun Emoji Summer Vacation template!

In this activity, students are tasked with creatively using emojis to describe their holiday activities in the blank sections provided. Once complete, students can team up to tell one another about what they've described. Or, display their worksheet on your digital whiteboard for individual presentations

Letter to Myself for Students

Get your students to write a letter to themselves at the start of the new school year. This is a really easy way to share some powerful messages with them, and it's a great way to boost their confidence and motivation for the rest of their year.