Worksheets for English Language Arts

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A essay writing template for students with a hamburger design

Hamburger Writing Template

Our hamburger essay template guides you to structure your thoughts and ideas with a clear intro, body, and conclusion.

The Solar Eclipse Reading Comprehension

Learn about solar eclipses and test your comprehension with this worksheet.

A handwriting activity for cursive practice with a sentences exercise.

Cursive Handwriting Worksheet | Sentences

Our captivating handwriting worksheet is designed to enhance penmanship skills for younger learners.

Writing Prompts | Blank

Unleash creativity with our Writing Prompts Worksheet! Inspire students to explore their imagination through a variety of thought-provoking prompts.

A practice resource for Texas STAAR with a range of tools to test with.

Texas STAAR Practice Resource

Elevate STAAR prep with our practice resource, featuring inline questions, hot spots, equations, and more. *Question Tool available with our Google Classroom integration.

A hamburger template for essay writing with a purple outline

Hamburger Template | Purple Outline

Our hamburger essay template guides you to structure your thoughts and ideas with a clear intro, body, and conclusion.

A writing template for English essays with a R.A.C.E design

R.A.C.E Writing Template

The R.A.C.E. writing template is a method for organizing and structuring responses to essay questions or prompts. This template helps writers clearly and effectively address the task at hand, while also demonstrating their understanding of the topic through the use of evidence and analysis.

A reading activity for 3rd graders with a life of a tree passage.

The Life of a Tree Reading Passage

Get ready for some fun learning! Our reading comprehension worksheets help you improve your reading skills and expand your knowledge!

A ramadan activity for 6th-12th graders with a reading comprehension exercise

Ramadan Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Enhance understanding & appreciation of Ramadan by reading & reflecting on its teachings. Improves reading skills & knowledge.

A english worksheet for year 5 and 6 students with a unscramble the words exercise.

Unscramble the Words Worksheet | Answer Key

Our Unscramble the Words worksheet is a fun and challenging way for students to practice their spelling and word recognition skills.

A template for building a grid with a 3 page layout.

Building a Grid Template

Use the Grid Method to create a student-centered, competency-based framework for any subject.

A english worksheet for years 1-6 with a verb matching exercise.

Verb Matching Worksheet

Our Verb Matching worksheet is a great way for students to practice identifying and matching verbs with the correct subject.

Alphabet Writing Workbook

Teach your students the letters of the alphabet with this fun and engaging workbook. Ask them to draw, trace and write each letter of the alphabet to reinforce what they have learned in their lessons. This template is perfect for your young learners!

A essay template for writing with a claim, evidence and reasoning template.

Claim, Evidence, Reasoning

Present like a pro with our Claim, Reasoning, and Evidence template! Clearly state your point, back it up with strong reasoning, and provide solid evidence for an impactful and persuasive argument.

A vocabulary sheet for earth day with a 3 page exercise

Earth Day Vocabulary Sheet

An Earth Day vocab sheet is an educational tool to help students learn important vocabulary related to environmental issues and conservation. It provides a structured format for students to build their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of the subject.

A biography worksheet for black history month with a green border

Biography Worksheet

Choose someone who inspires you and use this worksheet to research their life and impact on the world.