Interactive in 4th grade

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Unlock the world of computer science with our interactive 17-page vocabulary workbook!

Computer Science Vocabulary Workbook

Our Computer Science Vocabulary Book was designed by Laurie Guyon @SMILELearning with the new NYSED digital and computer science standards in mind. It's the go-to resource for 3rd-6th grade students eager to learn fundamental tech terminology. They can explore 18 key terms while completing engaging activities. Equip your students with our Computer Science Vocabulary Book, and let them confidently navigate the digital world!

A create your own monster template for a brain break with a interactive design.

Create Your Own Monster | Portrait

Unleash your creativity with our 'Create Your Own Monster' activity! Let your imagination run wild and design a unique creature that's all your own.

A interactive activity for Halloween with a haunted house design.

Interactive Halloween Haunted House

Step into a realm of spine-chilling creativity! Explore our haunted house activity and unleash your eerie imagination.

A activity for Christmas with a gingerbread activity.

Build a Gingerbread House Activity

Get into the holiday spirit with our fun Build a Gingerbread House activity!

A activity for Christmas with a decoration theme.

Decorate a Christmas Tree

Get into the holiday spirit with our fun Decorate a Christmas Tree activity!

A solar system worksheet for learning about the planets with a interactive drag and drop design.

Interactive Solar System

Explore the wonders of our cosmic neighborhood with this interactive solar system worksheet!

A dress up activity for Halloween with a fun design.

Halloween Monster Dress-up

Embark on a ghoulishly delightful adventure! Dive into interactive Halloween dress-up, where spooky costumes, creativity, and treats abound!

A basic emotions drag and drop template for young learners with a interactive design

Interactive Basic Emotions

Help your students develop emotional awareness with our basic emotions worksheet! Designed for young learners, it teaches how to identify and express feelings.

Chutes & Ladders

Help develop your younger students' counting skills while having fun with Chutes and Ladders!

Playing the game gives students a chance to practice counting as they move their pieces back and forth in a repetitive nature. Plus, you're supporting their general arithmetic skills as they count how many places forward or back the snake or ladder has taken them.

Chutes and Ladders is a brilliantly simple board game fit for any age group, helping students learn as they play.

Also known as: Snakes & Ladders.

A interactive clock for teaching the time with a drag and drop design.

Interactive Clock

Teach your students how to tell time with our fun and engaging interactive analog clock worksheet!

A icebreaker activity for back to school with a interactive world map.

Interactive World Map

Embark on a global adventure with our interactive world map. Explore, connect, and discover by placing pins and sharing interesting facts about yourself or locations. Let the exploration begin!

A interactive activity for back to school with a decorate your own classroom design.

Decorate the Classroom | Landscape

Our Back to School template invites students to decorate the classroom and make it their own. Let imagination soar!

A activity for Christmas with a gingerbread design.

Build a Gingerbread Activity

Get into the holiday spirit with our fun Build a Gingerbread activity!

A world map for learning geography with a interactive exercise.

World Map | Puzzle Pieces

Piece together the world with our interactive Puzzle World Map activity!

A tic tac toe for all grades with a interactive design.

Interactive Tic-Tac-Toe

Play the classic game of Tic Tac Toe in our interactive template!

A decorate your backpack activity for back to school with a interactive design.

Decorate the Backpack | Landscape

Show off your style! Decorate your backpack with our fun template.