Brain Breaks for Other in Pre K grade

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Chutes & Ladders

Help develop your younger students' counting skills while having fun with Chutes and Ladders!

Playing the game gives students a chance to practice counting as they move their pieces back and forth in a repetitive nature. Plus, you're supporting their general arithmetic skills as they count how many places forward or back the snake or ladder has taken them.

Chutes and Ladders is a brilliantly simple board game fit for any age group, helping students learn as they play.

Also known as: Snakes & Ladders.


Expand your students' minds as they play with this interactive Ludo template!

Ludo is not only enjoyable for your class but helps stimulate the same area of the brain responsible for memory and complex thoughts. It also assists in developing cognitive skills like problem-solving and decision making; as well as teaching good sportsmanship, the value of taking turns, sharing, and instills the spirit of healthy competitiveness.

Assign this template in groups of four and let the good times roll.

Give Thanks Coloring In

Try this seasonal coloring in template for a Thanksgiving brain break!

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to keep your young students entertained, assign this template individually and watch them actively relax in no time.

Good Things Open Space

Use this open space template to add good things. Whether it be the positive parts of the school day, or things your students are looking forward to, this template is a good starting point to put down all good things on a page!

Roll & Chat

Roll & Chat is a fun way to get talking with your students! Each time the die is rolled, you take turns rolling it and talking about the topic next to that number. It's an easy way to trigger great conversations with your students that you'll both enjoy.