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Mother's Day Writing Template

Let your students give their mother something to be thankful for this year with a letter filled with love, gratitude, and appreciation that she can save in a keepsake scrapbook or put on the fridge.

This blank writing template with colorful flowers makes it easy to add words and photos for each student to personalize and make their own.

A color by numbers for mother's day with a flowers design.

Mother's Day Color by Numbers Flowers

Make Mother's Day special with our collection of diverse templates!

End of Year Reflection Activity for Secondary Level | Pink & Blue

Bring your class to a close with this end of the year reflection activity. In this template students will reflect on the year, write about their summer plans, and give advice for future students. This is a great way to end off your school year, especially for students who are leaving for college!

Summer Bucket List Activity

This fun, summer bucket list activity is a great way to get your students excited about summer. Get your students to complete the sections with what is on their bucket list, their summer goals, something they will miss the most and more!

A tournament template for march madness with a 8 colored boxes design

Tournament Template 8 Brackets | Colored Box | March Madness

Keep track of the action with this Tournament Brackets template!

A vocabulary sheet for Mother's Day with a heart design.

Mother's Day Vocabulary Sheet

Make Mother's Day special with our collection of diverse templates!

A card for mother's day with a flower bouquet design.

Mother's Day Bouquet Card

Make Mother's Day special with our collection of diverse templates!

A teacher appreciation word search for friendsgiving with a lowercase letters design.

Teacher Appreciation Word Search | Lowercase Letters

Show your gratitude with our Teacher Appreciation Word Search - a fun way to thank educators for their hard work and dedication!

A coloring poster  for earth day with a earth graphic

Earth Day Coloring Poster

An Earth Day coloring poster is a fun and educational tool for kids to learn about environmental conservation while expressing their creativity. It provides an engaging way to raise awareness and inspire action towards protecting our planet.

A vision board for 4th-12th graders with a polaroids theme

Polaroids Vision Board

Create a positive and inspiring classroom environment with our Vision Board template. Encourage students to set goals, visualize success and stay motivated.

End of Year Reflection Activity for Secondary Level | Green & Orange

The end of the school year is fast approaching and it's time to reflect on all you've accomplished this year. Wrap up your school year by having students complete this end-of-the-year reflection activity.

Meet the Teacher | Spanish

¡Preséntate a tus alumnos con estilo con esta plantilla de Conoce a tu Docente! Al ser una plantilla, lo que lo único que debes hacer es completar los espacios en blanco. Si deseas cambiar cualquiera de las secciones, siempre puede editarlas en Kami o descargar una de nuestras plantillas completamente en blanco.

Una vez completada, usa los permisos de uso compartido en Kami para crear un enlace para que todos los estudiantes y padres vean e interactúen con tu archivo

Introduce yourself to your elementary students in style with this Meet the Teacher template! This template has prompts so all you need to do is fill in the blanks. If you want to switch up any of the prompts, you can always edit over them in Kami, or download one of our fully blank templates instead.

Once completed, use the sharing permissions in Kami to generate a link for all students and parents to view and interact with your file!

A seating chart for back to school with a interactive design.

Seating Chart | Individual Seats Landscape

Get prepped for Back-to-school with this super handy seating chart!

Social Contract | Portrait

Collaborate on a Classroom Contract with your students to set behaviour expectations for everyone in the class.

Work together with your students to create an agreement for classroom norms, rules and consequences. For ultimate student ownership, your classroom contract should be developed and agreed upon by all class members.

This yellow Classroom Contract can be developed and changed as students face new challenges.

Seating Chart | Group

Get prepped for Back-to-school with this super handy seating chart!

This blue template is designed to get your students arranged in group seating. First, place each student's name down the list on the side so that they can see which desk they've been assigned. Once students have access to this document and are happy in their seats, get them to collaborate on the document by adding a voice comment on their desk (or beside their name) introducing themselves. Now you have a way to track your students whereabouts and how to pronounce their names!

There's also space for you to add a welcome message for students to play when they open the document. Use this to introduce yourself, get excited for the year ahead, and add any important details (like how you'd like to be addressed).