Worksheets for Science in 4th grade

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The Solar Eclipse Path of Totality Map

Become an eclipse expert! This map will help you understand the path of the total solar eclipse.

A practice resource for Texas STAAR with a range of tools to test with.

Texas STAAR Practice Resource

Elevate STAAR prep with our practice resource, featuring inline questions, hot spots, equations, and more. *Question Tool available with our Google Classroom integration.

A blank bar graph template for 3rd-12th graders with a landscape design

Blank Bar Graph Template | Landscape

This bar graph template for students will help your kids create a visual display of their findings.

Solar Eclipse Research Sheet

Discover the science of solar eclipses with this research worksheet.

A frog life cycle worksheet for science classes with a interactive design.

Frog Life Cycle

Discover the fascinating world of frogs with our life cycle worksheet! Engage young learners with fun exercises that explore the stages of a frog's life.

Earth Day Report

Write about Earth Day! What it means, why it's important, and how we can help.

A template for building a grid with a 3 page layout.

Building a Grid Template

Use the Grid Method to create a student-centered, competency-based framework for any subject.

Endangered Species Worksheet

Explore endangered animals: Find out what threatens them and how to help.

A solar system worksheet for learning about the planets with a interactive drag and drop design.

Interactive Solar System

Explore the wonders of our cosmic neighborhood with this interactive solar system worksheet!

A worksheet for science with a food web exercise.

The Food Web

Explore the complexity of ecosystems with our Food Web worksheet. Understand the delicate balance that sustains life in nature.

A layers of soil for science class with a worksheet design

Layers of Soil

A layers of soil worksheet is an educational tool to help students understand the different layers of soil. It provides a fun way to learn about soil composition and its role in supporting plant growth.

Moon Phases Tracker

Calling all young astronomers! Dive into the moon's enchanting phases with our student-friendly Moon Phases chart.

A layers of the earth worksheet for 4th-12th graders with a fill in the blank exercise

Earth Structure Worksheet

Discover the fascinating inner workings of our planet with our Earth Structure template for science classrooms! Learn about the structure of the Earth, including the crust, mantle, and core.

Human Labeling Worksheet Pack

Explore the wonders of the human body with our comprehensive worksheet pack.

A blank bar graph template for 4th-12th graders with a portrait design

Blank Bar Graph | Portrait

This bar graph template is great for students studying math and science.

A solar system worksheet for 4th-12th graders with a exercise.

Solar System Worksheet

Blast off into space with our solar system worksheet! Discover the wonders of our planetary neighborhood and learn about the unique features of each planet. Perfect for science class!