Social Studies in 8th grade

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A blank continents map for geography class with a colored design.

Blank Continents Map

A map of each continent is a valuable resource for students to learn geography.

A icebreaker activity for back to school with a interactive world map.

Interactive World Map

Embark on a global adventure with our interactive world map. Explore, connect, and discover by placing pins and sharing interesting facts about yourself or locations. Let the exploration begin!

A template for building a grid with a 3 page layout.

Building a Grid Template

Use the Grid Method to create a student-centered, competency-based framework for any subject.

A biography worksheet for black history month with a green border

Biography Worksheet

Choose someone who inspires you and use this worksheet to research their life and impact on the world.

Exam Revision Template | Portrait

Gear up for success with our comprehensive Exam Revision Template! This three-page tool empowers students to organize notes, create study schedules, and practice sample questions for ultimate exam preparedness.

A coloring poster  for earth day with a earth graphic

Earth Day Coloring Poster

An Earth Day coloring poster is a fun and educational tool for kids to learn about environmental conservation while expressing their creativity. It provides an engaging way to raise awareness and inspire action towards protecting our planet.

World Map Worksheet

Explore the world with our World Map Worksheet! Label continents, oceans, and countries to build your geography skills.

A circles of support template for all grades with a blue border

Circles of Support

A Circle of Support template is a tool used to document the people and resources in your network who provide support and encouragement.

A country fact sheet for researching with a prompts to get you started.

Country Fact Sheet

A country research sheet is a fun and educational way for school students to learn about different countries. It helps them gather facts and data on topics such as geography, history, culture, government, and more.

A acrostic poem activity for earth day with a light blue theme

Earth Day Acrostic Poem | Light Blue

A fun & creative way to celebrate Earth Day! Write a poem using each letter of the word "EARTH" to express love & appreciation for our planet.

Cinco de Mayo Resource Pack

Combine learning & fun! Spark curiosity & celebrate with our engaging worksheet & activity pack.

A world map for labelling with a matching activity.

World Map | Matching Activity

A map of each continent is a valuable resource for students to learn geography.

What is Earth Day Activity

Get down to the ""why"" of Earth Day with this research-based What is Earth Day template.

World Map Activity

Piece together the world with our interactive Puzzle World Map activity!

A timeline for black history month with a purple border

Black History Month Timeline | Purple

As part of Black History Month, create a timeline of notable events. Research and record the significant moments that have shaped and impacted history.

A see, think, wonder template for all grades with a 3 column design

See, Think, Wonder

This "See, Think, Wonder" template is a simple and effective way to encourage critical thinking and encourage students to ask questions.