Activities for Social Studies in 1st grade

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Compare and contrast two concepts with a T-chart!

Download this template to start brainstorming with your class today.

Frayer Model

Introduce a Frayer Model to your class with this fun template!

Frayer Models are great tools for students to better understand new and important concepts by listing examples, non-examples, facts, and definitions.

This activity can be assigned as an individual or group activity, or as a teacher model.

Venn Diagram | 2 Circles

Compare and contrast two concepts with a Venn Diagram!

Download this template to start brainstorming with your class today.

Notice and Wonder Notes

Give your students a way to reflect deeper with a Notice and Wonder Notes template!

Start by providing your students with a link to any sort of visual resource to reflect on – this could be a photo, video, or piece of art.

Students are then prompted to write things they notice about the visual, and what questions those thoughts inspire! Finding the answers can then be assigned as personal tasks, or something to collaborate on as a class (especially if there are any common themes that arise).

Emoji Summer Vacation

Back from summer holidays? Why not use this fun Emoji Summer Vacation template!

In this activity, students are tasked with creatively using emojis to describe their holiday activities in the blank sections provided. Once complete, students can team up to tell one another about what they've described. Or, display their worksheet on your digital whiteboard for individual presentations

Fishbone Chart | Purple

Visual cause and effect relationships are better with a Fishbone Chart!

Use the head of the fish as the effect, the tips of the fins as the causes, and the individual lines on the fins as the details about each cause.