Seasonal for Social Studies in 7th grade

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A ramadan activity for 6th-12th graders with a reading comprehension exercise

Ramadan Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Enhance understanding & appreciation of Ramadan by reading & reflecting on its teachings. Improves reading skills & knowledge.

A coloring poster  for earth day with a earth graphic

Earth Day Coloring Poster

An Earth Day coloring poster is a fun and educational tool for kids to learn about environmental conservation while expressing their creativity. It provides an engaging way to raise awareness and inspire action towards protecting our planet.

What is Earth Day Activity

Get down to the ""why"" of Earth Day with this research-based What is Earth Day template.

Eid al-Fitr Fact Sheet

Learn about Eid al-Fitr with this engaging research worksheet.

A biography worksheet for black history month with a green border

Biography Worksheet

Choose someone who inspires you and use this worksheet to research their life and impact on the world.

A fact sheet for ramadan with a green border

Ramadan Fact Research Sheet

Explore the rich history & significance of Ramadan through research & reflection.

A biography research sheet for black history month with a prompt exercise

Black History Month Biography

Learn about Black History Month by researching about a remarkable historical figure! Choose someone who inspires you and use this worksheet to research their life and impact on the world.

Cinco de Mayo Resource Pack

Combine learning & fun! Spark curiosity & celebrate with our engaging worksheet & activity pack.

A Black history month worksheet for 6th-12th graders with a influential figures exercise

Black History Month Influential Figures

Research and learn about four inspiring figures in sports, literature, art, and music. Share what you've learned with your classmates.

A essay for women's history month with a set of questions and outline to follow.

Women's History Month Essay

Create your Women's History Month essay with our simple and easy-to-follow outline.

A worksheet for women's history month with a biography research exercise.

Women's History Month Biography

Discover Women's History Month with our Biography Worksheet. Encourage students to explore and celebrate the achievements of remarkable women.

Black History Month Resource Pack

Our Black History Month resource pack includes reading comprehension, timelines, research sheets, and more to learn about and celebrate Black history.

Women's History Month Resource Pack

Empower young minds with our Women's History Month pack! Packed with engaging worksheets, timelines, and essays, it sparks curiosity and celebrates the incredible contributions of women throughout history.

Ramadan KWL

A KWL chart explores what you know, want to learn, & more.

A timeline for black history month with a purple border

Black History Month Timeline | Purple

As part of Black History Month, create a timeline of notable events. Research and record the significant moments that have shaped and impacted history.

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr Research Poster

Dive into the traditions of Ramadan & Eid al-Fitr. Design your own informative research poster.