Worksheets in 5th grade

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A essay writing template for students with a hamburger design

Hamburger Writing Template

Our hamburger essay template guides you to structure your thoughts and ideas with a clear intro, body, and conclusion.

A multiplication worksheet for 2nd-6th graders with a exercise worksheets up to 12x12

Multiplication Worksheet Pack

Our multiplication worksheets are a great resource for you to use in the classroom. They cover all the basic multiplication facts up to 12x12 and provide practice so that students can master their multiplication tables.

A handwriting activity for cursive practice with a sentences exercise.

Cursive Handwriting Worksheet | Sentences

Our captivating handwriting worksheet is designed to enhance penmanship skills for younger learners.

PEMDAS Worksheet

Practice order with PEMDAS! Solve equations step by step—parentheses, exponents, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Easy math fun for students!

A blank bar graph template for 3rd-12th graders with a landscape design

Blank Bar Graph Template | Landscape

This bar graph template for students will help your kids create a visual display of their findings.

Writing Prompts | Blank

Unleash creativity with our Writing Prompts Worksheet! Inspire students to explore their imagination through a variety of thought-provoking prompts.

A practice resource for Texas STAAR with a range of tools to test with.

Texas STAAR Practice Resource

Elevate STAAR prep with our practice resource, featuring inline questions, hot spots, equations, and more. *Question Tool available with our Google Classroom integration.

A anger iceberg template for all grades with a worksheet design

Anger Iceberg Worksheet | Blank

Teach your child healthy anger management with our anger iceberg worksheet! It helps them identify and understand the underlying causes of their anger.

A human digestive system template for 5th-12th graders with a labelling exercise.

Digestive System Worksheet

A digestive system worksheet is a helpful tool for students to learn about the organs and functions of the digestive system.

One-Step Equation Maze

Navigate the One-Step Inequalities Maze! Every correct answer paves your way through the maze. Can you reach the solution?

A worksheet for math and science students with a graph coordinates design.

Graph Coordinates

A worksheet for practicing graph coordinates, perfect for honing students' plotting and mapping skills.

A guess the time worksheet for learning the time with a prompts to guess.

Guess the Time Worksheet

Teach your students how to tell time with our fun and engaging analog clock worksheet!

A hamburger template for essay writing with a purple outline

Hamburger Template | Purple Outline

Our hamburger essay template guides you to structure your thoughts and ideas with a clear intro, body, and conclusion.

A english worksheet for year 5 and 6 students with a unscramble the words exercise.

Unscramble the Words Worksheet | Answer Key

Our Unscramble the Words worksheet is a fun and challenging way for students to practice their spelling and word recognition skills.

A periodic table  for 5th-12th graders with a blank design.

Periodic Table | Blank

Discover the building blocks of our world with our periodic table templates!

Photosynthesis and Celluar Respiration | Drag and Drop

A worksheet exploring the vital processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, ideal for enhancing students' understanding of these concepts.