Worksheets in 6th grade

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A essay writing template for students with a hamburger design

Hamburger Writing Template

Our hamburger essay template guides you to organize your thoughts and ideas with a clear intro, body, and conclusion.

A biography research sheet for black history month with a prompt exercise

Black History Month Biography

Learn about Black History Month by researching about a remarkable historical figure! Choose someone who inspires you and use this worksheet to research their life and impact on the world.

Read Across America Day Resource Pack

Explore reading with engaging activities! From book reviews to story sequencing, compare books to movies and more in this fun resource pack!

A handwriting activity for cursive practice with a sentences exercise.

Cursive Handwriting Worksheet | Sentences

Our captivating handwriting worksheet is designed to enhance penmanship skills for younger learners.

Writing Prompts | Blank

Unleash creativity with our Writing Prompts Worksheet! Inspire students to explore their imagination through a variety of thought-provoking prompts.

Unlock the world of computer science with our interactive 17-page vocabulary workbook!

Computer Science Vocabulary Workbook

Our Computer Science Vocabulary Book was designed by Laurie Guyon @SMILELearning with the new NYSED digital and computer science standards in mind. It's the go-to resource for 3rd-6th grade students eager to learn fundamental tech terminology. They can explore 18 key terms while completing engaging activities. Equip your students with our Computer Science Vocabulary Book, and let them confidently navigate the digital world!

A multiplication worksheet for 2nd-6th graders with a exercise worksheets up to 12x12

Multiplication Worksheet Pack

Our multiplication worksheets are a great resource for you to use in the classroom. They cover all the basic multiplication facts up to 12x12 and provide practice so that students can master their multiplication tables.

Black History Month Resource Pack

Our Black History Month resource pack includes reading comprehension, timelines, research sheets, and more to learn about and celebrate Black history.

A writing template for English essays with a R.A.C.E design

R.A.C.E Writing Template

The R.A.C.E. writing template is a method for organizing and structuring responses to essay questions or prompts. This template helps writers clearly and effectively address the task at hand, while also demonstrating their understanding of the topic through the use of evidence and analysis.

A blank bar graph template for 3rd-12th graders with a landscape design

Blank Bar Graph Template | Landscape

This bar graph template for students will help your kids create a visual display of their findings.

A worksheet for math and science students with a xy axis fillable design.

Graph Coordinates | XY Axis Fillable

A worksheet for practicing graph coordinates, perfect for honing students' plotting and mapping skills.

A worksheet for ready across america day with a book vs movie activity.

Book vs Movie Worksheet

Compare and contrast books and their movie adaptations with our worksheet! Analyze characters, plot, and themes to discover which version you prefer.

A hamburger template for essay writing with a purple outline

Hamburger Template | Purple Outline

Our hamburger essay template guides you to organize your thoughts and ideas with a clear intro, body, and conclusion.

A multiplication color by numbers for 2nd-6th graders with a St Patrick's Day theme

St Patrick's Day Multiplication Color By Numbers

Test your math skills and add some color to your St. Patrick's Day with this fun worksheet!

A english worksheet for years 1-6 with a verb matching exercise.

Verb Matching Worksheet

Our Verb Matching worksheet is a great way for students to practice identifying and matching verbs with the correct subject.

A guess the time worksheet for learning the time with a prompts to guess.

Guess the Time Worksheet

Teach your students how to tell time with our fun and engaging analog clock worksheet!