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Find Someone Who Bingo Card

This Bingo card is designed to help students learn about their classmates and make new friends. Students can play the game during recess or whenever they have free time in class.

A Color By Numbers for Pre K-3rd graders with a Halloween Theme

Halloween Color by Numbers

Color this Halloween color by numbers page and reveal a spooky scare. Enjoy!

A create your own monster template for a brain break with a interactive design.

Create Your Own Monster | Portrait

Unleash your creativity with our 'Create Your Own Monster' activity! Let your imagination run wild and design a unique creature that's all your own.

A gratitude acrostic poem for 1st-5th graders with a fall theme

Seasonal Gratitude Acrostic Poem

This poem will be a great way for students to talk about the things they are grateful for this holiday season.

Hispanic Heritage Month Wordsearch

Whether it's for your history class or a simple brain break, your students will love this Hispanic Heritage Month Wordsearch. Looking for something to challenge your students vocabulary? Then this is the perfect choice!

A all about me template for back to school with a t-shirt design.

All About Me T-Shirt

Unleash creativity and self-expression with our 'All About Me' T-Shirt activity! Let kids design unique shirts that reflect their personalities and interests.

A Spot The Difference for 1st-6th graders with a Halloween Theme

Halloween Spot the Difference

Spot the difference between the two images in this Halloween game with 6 differences. Can you find them all?

Hispanic Heritage Month Fill in the Blanks

Get your students to fill in the blanks to learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month.

A Bingo worksheet for 1st-12th graders with a Halloween Theme

Halloween Find Someone Who Bingo

Halloween Find Someone Who Bingo brings out the fun in learning and makes it easy for students to learn about each other, make new friends and socialize.

A Word Search for Hispanic Heritage Month with a Spanish Translation

Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana Sopa de Letras

Ya sea para su clase de historia o para un simple descanso mental, a sus estudiantes les encantará esta sopa de letras del Mes de la Herencia Hispana. ¿Está buscando algo para desafiar el vocabulario de sus estudiantes? ¡Entonces esta es la actividad perfecta!

All About Me for Students | Favorites

Give your students a crafty and creative way to introduce themselves this back-to-school season with an editable All About Me template!

Comic Strip | Blank

Get students exploring a new style of writing with a Comic Strip activity!

This blank comic strip template is great for getting creative with classroom assignments that require narrative structure, such as comic drawing and storyboard plotting.

Complete with five blank boxes for drawing, and speech and thought bubbles for dialogue; you'll be giving your students a fresh way to express their learning and understanding. Hello voice and choice!

A matching activity for 4th-12th graders with a orange design

Hispanic Heritage Month Matching Activity

Your students will love this matching activity once they have learned about some important people in history that had an impact on the world.

All About Me for Students | Customizable

Give your students a crafty and creative way to introduce themselves this back-to-school season with an editable All About Me template!

A interactive activity for Halloween with a haunted house design.

Interactive Halloween Haunted House

Step into a realm of spine-chilling creativity! Explore our haunted house activity and unleash your eerie imagination.

A ice breaker for back to school with a decorate your own locker activity.

Decorate Your Own Locker | Landscape

Unleash your creativity and personalize your dream locker with our interactive 'Decorate Your Own Locker' activity!