Providing Effective Feedback for Students


Want to learn how to diversify student feedback, and set yourself up to work smarter, not harder this school year?

Giving students effective feedback improves student performance, and with Kami it’s so much easier to provide personalized and constructive feedback that meets their individual needs.

What’s more, Kami helps simplify the feedback process giving you more time to help students meet their learning goals.

  • Find out the different formats and types of feedback you can provide with Kami using tools like Text and Screen Capture comments
  • Help include learners in the feedback process with comment threads, allowing them to ask questions and check-in
  • Use stickers to provide motivation or positive feedback, or to let students know they’re almost there
  • Pick the feedback format that you know is best for your learners and their learning style

Whether it’s for an individual or small group, teacher feedback or peer-to-peer feedback, younger students or even high school learners — the tips and tricks in this video will help everyone level up their feedback.