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Perfect for beginners, our free course will teach you the fundamentals to jumpstart your Kami journey. Better yet, it only takes an hour to complete! Simply follow these 3 easy steps.

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"This was a great introductory program for Kami. I have learned a lot of tools that I didn't know were available before I took this course and I am eager to use and share them!"

Michelle Stelmack | Kami Certified Level 1

"Kami runs some of the best PD around. Thanks for such comprehensive videos! So well done!"

Kathy Wegley | Kami Certified Level 2

"If you have not taken the Kami Certification course, DO IT. Totally worth the time! I already implemented something I didn’t know as soon as I finished and I’m blown away. So excited and inspired!"

April Maranan | Kami Certified Level 1

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