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Students stay engaged with accessible annotation tools.
Teachers save time with streamlined instruction and assessments.

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The kami difference

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40+ annotation tools to make PDFs and digital resources more engaging for everyone.


Seamless integration with your LMS so you can assign, assess and feedback with ease.


Aligned with WCAG 2.1 requirements and packed with accessibility features for all.

HOW to use kami

Using Kami in your classroom

No matter the grade or subject, teachers are supported and learning is personalized with Kami.
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Upload and customize

Upload all your teaching resources (including PDFs, slides, images, and more) and turn them into interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Integrate with your LMS

Elevate what you already use by assigning your Kami-fied document via your preferred Learning Management System.

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Increase engagement

Students have access to a range of tools to help them learn and show understanding in a way that works for them. You can also set feature controls to keep them on task.

Encourage collaboration

Watch in real time as your students work and track version history. Check in whenever you’re needed to keep them on track.
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A teacher giving feedback to a student

Provide effective feedback

Kami allows you to feedback in a variety of formats including text, voice, video, and screen capture, so you can respond to your students the way you know is best.

Everyone wins with Kami


Kami’s tools and features make learning accessible and engaging for all.


Kami streamlines and elevates what you already do which means more time for you and your students.


Kami has something to offer any grade and any subject. Oh – and you’ll save $$ on printing costs.

The planet

Paper resources are so old school. Save trees and embrace the future with Kami!

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Kami works with what you already use

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